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Chat with shemales, transsexuals and ladyboys from Georgia in our free shemale, ladyboy and transsexual chat rooms. We strive to be totally inclusive. We welcome shemales, ladyboys, MtF, FtM, pre-op, post-op, non-op, transgender, transsexuals, crossdressers, transvestites, intersex, androgynous, gender fluid, gender queer, genetic males, genetic females, significant others and trans community friends. It is easy to start chatting with others in your shemale & ladyboy community members from Georgia. Click the "Enter Chat Rooms" button to create a free shemale chat profile and start chatting now. Not from Georgia? All transgender chat profiles are easily searchable no matter where you are. With 19 chatting in the shemale chat rooms and with 366 ladyboy community members online you are sure to find fun transsexual friends to chat with. Join us in the free shemale Georgia chat rooms and start connecting.

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Shemale Chatters in Georgia

anneapex's Chat & Dating Profile
Atlanta, Georgia, US
I was told about this site from a current member. She is very satisfied with this website. So I thought I would give it a try. I am a woman in all aspects. My final surgery was at least 3 years ago. I work in the hospitality business for a major hotel corporation. I would love to discover more about this site. For now , thank you Anne.
Ego198's Chat & Dating Profile
Donalsonville, Georgia, US
Sriaddsuck ahi'mah fyiis a hi s. Good
PaulaTGGirl's Chat & Dating Profile
Savannah, Georgia, US
I've been dressing since I was about 6 years old. My mother supported me in a subtle way. She was a single parent since I was 4 years old. She passed shortly after I graduated from college and I kept some of her things especially her jewelry and when I wear some, I always think about her. Now full time about 4 years now, my workplace supports me 100% which is wonderful. Yes I have a shecock. I'm a girl, not a gurl. If you have some intelligence and want some conversation, let me know. Paula
Iamtandles's Chat & Dating Profile
Marietta, Georgia, US
I dress. I love it. The wife knows and does not like it. I can a stash of things out of sight and dress when the family is not around. This works for us and I'm thankful to have that amount of latitude. She is not aware of any of my online presence so please don't tell her, ok? If I were single today with where my level of self-acceptance and desires are, I'd be most or full-time and just so darn happy. But I made a commitment to my wife and we have young kids, so this side of me takes a back seat which I freely and mostly happily choose. Jun 2021: I turned off the blog - I don't know that what I felt like saying was all that interesting. Weight? That's also still a work in progress - up a few/down a few. I'm not unhealthy, but I could look better and my BMI says I'm darn near obese. I beg to differ. Nov 2019 - What does God think about my crossdressing? What does he think about my other online activities? I know the answer is any behavior which is sinful or will lead to sin IS sin. I'm backing away from my sinful behaviors. I am not judging anyone, I'm just a work in progress. I'm not interested in seeing your parts. I have pictures on Flickr. Ask me for a link. Oct 2019: I have a blog. It's not earth shattering or vital information; rather it's a slice of what's happening in my orbit. Sep 2019: New healthy program paying off. Only 21 more pounds to my goal. Aug 2019: I went out to Target last week!! My first time in public where I had to possibly interact with other people. It all went fine to be honest - thanks to self checkout. :-) . Update on the weight: I've started a new program recently... Sept 2018: Errrk the weight loss went the wrong way in 2018 - not too crazy, but I dug myself a hole and am working on the climb out. Early 2018 continued with lots of pics - and even some with makeup! And I did a bit of blogging as well. The link can be found in my flickr profile. Dec 2017: I've been in a groove maximizing my dressing opportunities and taking pics. Happy Holidays to all you beautiful women here on UR!! Oct 2017: I've been more intentional this year about dressing when I have a window of time to do so. Picture taking is on the rise! Feb 2016: My annual "give up spending too much time online for Lent" is back once again. March 2014: Giving up "spending so much time online" for Lent. Feb 2014: I'll boil down my profile down since few people read them anyway. If you want to see my full story, I have a journal entry with my old profile information.
KeepingCadence's Chat & Dating Profile
Statesboro, Georgia, US
Updated July28th, 2022 Men, I readily admit, I do not relate to men as you would seemingly want or hope that I might. Part of that is due to identifying as a lesbian, but also because I just do not think like you do. I may have lived as a man for most of my life, but it does not mean I understand you, relate to you, or talk about the things you would like to talk about; Friendships with men are difficult for me, and if I am neither sexually interested in men nor able to relate to them, then I see very little purpose in befriending them. So asking to be my friend on here will serve no purpose. So don't expect much attention from me. Hi! I'm Cadence, a few friends here call me Peaches. I'm a 46-year-old trans-woman. I'm non-op (except for eventual Facial Feminization Surgery and breast augmentation. Divorced since 2012, single since 2018. I’ve been on HRT since 2015 and full-time since 2018) None of my pics are Faceapp, I have a couple of polished photos by the photographer, and often use a makeup artist for some shoots. I'm a lesbian, Mommy, Domme/ Dominant personality with a very small, almost imperceptible swing side. I am actively looking for a sincere, real, meaningful relationship with a trans woman/ CISFemale. I'm not too concerned about what the relationship "looks like" so long as it's meaningful and sincere. Open to poly relationships, open to swinging relationships, open to open relationships, and an "ethical slut"... seeking women/ trans-women/ CD's for potentially more. I'm not here for Any sort of cutesy roleplay, or cyber. What I'm seeking is something real, not any sort of game. I know I'm not every trans-girls cup of tea, the key is finding the one who sees me as her shot of tequila!!! I am a sapiosexual and a demisexual. I'm here looking for authentic connections, the types of connections I desire, and always starting with friendship first; people who are willing to demonstrate effort and time to build at least a substantive friendship if nothing else. If one of your moves is calling me baby early on, and trying to create a sense of intimacy, that will not help you. Things like that need to develop organically, too much too soon is a turnoff. If you tend to lose interest, ghost people, or not hold up your part of the conversation, please keep moving. I won't chase you, I do not play those games, I beg for attention from no one. Usage of words such as tranny, crossdresser, sissy, transvestite, Drag Queen, shemale, girly-boy(i), trap, ladyboy(I), gurl, slut, whore, or bitch...or any other such derivative words directed AT ME may result in my simply blocking you. They are so far from how I as an individual, identify; they would be completely inaccurate. Thank you for respecting the identity I've spent a lifetime getting to. This does not mean that I am not supportive of anyone who does identify as such, however. Other Social Media- NO men, please. Be prepared to reveal your ATC profile name here to validate you are not male. Fetlife- KeepingCadence KiK- Cave_diver_diwn
Jamie55m's Chat & Dating Profile
Atlanta, Georgia, US
Updated 1-31 Recent events have either awoke or created sub tendencies unknown beforeDWM 55 6'4", 265 Married twice over 25 years but prior to that dated a pre-op TS briefly . Always smiled when reflecting. . Yes , she was smokn' hot but she had a personality enough for 3 women. Just looking for NSA, FWB for now but if it evolved to serious , I wouldn't run
LeighAnn's Chat & Dating Profile
Marietta, Georgia, US
Fun loving, slim, somewhat attractive, pre-op gurl. Trying to become totally full time. There is something about black men that I can't seem to resist. I would love to have 2 or perhaps 3 black men as best friends and it doesn't have to be sexual. Update Feb 22, 2006 - Thank you for all the kind words. I guess I am my own worse judge and even though I've been dressing for years now, I still get nervous as I go out in public.
MichelleATL's Chat & Dating Profile
Atlanta, Georgia, US
Hi Im Michelle ...Its me and Tara Caroline. Shes my Boo!!! PS ..Do not PM Me without a recent picture of you Im REAL and YOU SHOULD BE TOO!!
Nataliepeachcd's Chat & Dating Profile
Atlanta, Georgia, US
Closeted GA peach. Pretty much over cyber so let's not. Thanks.
Sissygirl's Chat & Dating Profile
Blairsville, Georgia, US
Single, passable,fit, sexy and fun TG seeking a long term relationship with a similar gurl or a respectful man.i am a loyal and can be a good friend.while searching for my match,I am open to having relations with both of the above.i can be discreet if need be .I live in a small town so understand that to pm' s but please be respectful ,I have feelings like everyone else.Also.i am not a slut,so don't expect that but for the proper partner,I can pretend pretty well.look forward to hearing from you .xxx
CorinnaM's Chat & Dating Profile
Atlanta, Georgia, US
Joined after deleting my profile (in haste) since I wasn’t getting on here very often. That was a mistake and now I’m back! I’ve been a lifelong CD who is married and my partner does not approve. I’ve come to the realization a in the past couple years that this is part of me and no sense in denying who I was supposed to be! I’m here to make friendships and chat in general. Not looking for hookups or anything more. You will be ignored and blocked. I started a little blog for my musings and writing. I post as much as I can and like to write short or long form stories. Follow me over at Flickr:
ATLGuy's Chat & Dating Profile
Atlanta, Georgia, US
Tall, sensual, handsom admirer for a sexy LTR with the right girl
Mikesub's Chat & Dating Profile
Stone Mountain, Georgia, US
Hello I'm 5'8 brown skin very open minded love to have fun and try new things DFW slim average build weight 140
barbaralynntg's Chat & Dating Profile
Atlanta, Georgia, US
Life long gurl who loves chatting and meeting others
tiacachonda3's Chat & Dating Profile
Atlanta, Georgia, US
Latina CD, looking for crossdresser or men, or both :) kisses... alexa
SoNasty314's Chat & Dating Profile
Atlanta, Georgia, US
SoNastyXXX/La'Keesha. split/switch personalitiez
turningintokara's Chat & Dating Profile
Atlanta, Georgia, US
Hello I am a 29 year old male that was an admirer. Within the last few months I received a present in my laundry that changed my thoughts. I have a male name on here, and the present was 3 pairs of panties. I live in an apartment complex and figured what the heck I'll try them on. That's when I became addicted. I started dressing a few months ago, I'm not passable. However, the panties led me to purchase some pantyhose, more panties, heels, a bra, and a dress. Kara Summer comes out on the weekends and it's the best choice ever. If anyone has any advice or want to say hello feel free.
Jstorm's Chat & Dating Profile
Georgia, US
A married black cd looking to chat and mingle. She does approve at all.
litetouch30132's Chat & Dating Profile
Dallas, Georgia, US
Coming into myself a little late . . . Long fascination of lingerie, wanting to know what a woman feels like when she is taken by her man - who doesn't think "No" is an acceptable answer.
Majikmike's Chat & Dating Profile
Lawrenceville, Georgia, US
I want to be treated/used like a lady
Jamie56m's Chat & Dating Profile
Atlanta, Georgia, US
Divorced male , led a relatively vanilla life except for dating a pre-op Trans woman showgirl for a few months , decades back. Single now, looking to expand dating pool . Just need something fun , w no drama. Hookups, NSA, FWB.all the way . LTR's start w STR.

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