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The Adventures of Mandy Love: Chapter 9: Mandy's Blind Date with Ashley.

Posted: 4 months ago - Nov 28, 2022

The Adventures of Mandy Love: Chaptger 9: Mandy’s Blind Date with Ashley.

My date was waiting for me at the bistro table and her lively personality met me just a few feet inside the door of the lounge as I walked slowly towards her. I thought I would grab her attention with my cute, edgy outfit and my come fuck me 5 inch stiletto heels, clicking rhythmically on the polished black marble floor as I sashayed through the plush lounge, but no. She stole the scene, of that I was sure.

She had the room captivated with her chishire cat smile, gleaming white teeth, and that oh, so short, skin tight, little red dress which looked like it had been painted on, revealing every contour of her svelt, lean, muscular but feminine body. Her Sparkley red fingernails holding the chilled martini glass to her lips, those luscious, full glossy red lips which so tantalizingly pouted as she sipped her drink, the almost electric shine of her dangling gold and diamond studded chandelier style earrings, her flowing golden hair which fell around her shoulders perfectly framing her beautiful face, and her flawless makeup artistry, especialy her eyes which almost dared you to look away. Everyone seemed to have at least one eye on her, but not me, I had both on her. I began to feel a little tingle in my well tucked clit as our eyes locked and she froze with her martini glass to those pouting lips. She seemed to undress me with those glamorous eyes, in that first instant, electric connecting encounter. 

I realized that night what really turns me on and she had it. Her tight, firm athletic ass, Her very thin waist which allowed her pear shaped ass to accentuate what she was wearing, From very tight jeans to those cute little red and black dresses which barely cover the lower part of her ass, her trunk was truly magnetic and all eyes were on her in the bar.

That first night, as if on que, she SUCKED IN A MOUTHFUL OF SWEET MARTINI MIXTURE, softly placed her martini glass on the black glossy marbled topped bistro table and without breaking eye contact moved to the side of the table as if to greet me as I approached. 

The side of the table she stood was hidden from all the other patrons,, except me . With me slowly, carefully moving towards her, she waited until I was just a few feet from the table, and then I knew I was hooked. 

Without a word, she stepped closer until she was face to face, lips to lips, as she tilted her head back and waited for my move.

Being taller than her, I bent my head down and noticed her eyes sparkling in the halogen spot lites shining down on us, as if she was becoming emotional.  Little did I know how nervous she was at that moment.

I suspected that she could not talk as I guessed that her mouth was still full of the sweet martini mix, waiting to kiss it into my mough. I lingered right at her lips, but allowing our lips to just touch. I could feel the glossy lipstick connect us together, but I ventured no further as I wanted to force her to commit.

Commit she did as she raised up on her toes to press against my lips. I felt a velvety smooth, sweet tongue push its way into my mouth, and then she locked lips while she kissed her martini into my mouth.

Oh, that first kiss, laced with alcohol, sweet fruit juice and her lively, soft tongue wrestling with mine in a long, passionate, soulful display of affection and lust. 

She expertly inserted the liquid into my mouth, paused to allow me to swallow, and then moved in for more. I felt her smooth bare arms snake their way around my small waist, up my bare back and rest under my arms, holding my shoulders as she pressed her faux breasts against minej. She then raised her knee to separate my thighs slightly as she hung on to enjoy the moment. I reached up and gently held her soft neck under her beautiful blonde hair, asI slipped my exceptionally long, slender tongue deep into her mouth, tickling the back of her throat to test her gag reflex. She instinctively opened her mouth wider to allow me to go deeper and used her tongue to tickle the underside of mine as it plunged almost into her throat.

. In what can only be described as a full body kiss, we clung together there for what seemed like 10 minutes, but was probably only 60 seconds locked in an emotional, lustfilled moment.

Our lips parted with her still almost climbing on me and she noticed that I had finally swallowed the rest of the cocktail.

A smile emerged onto her lips as she said: â€œYou swallowed the whole load. Impressive!”

As if it was the most natural topic of conversation, I responded in almost a whisper with:  â€œOf course, I always swallow the whole load, never letting even a drop out of my mouth….. unless….. she would like to share in which case I just savor the tingling sensation until I can slowly kiss the cum into her mouth. Oops, did I say cum? I meant cocktail.” 

My Freudian slip was not lost on her and her smile widened.   She finally released her grip on me and stepped back one step.

 As if on purpose, she dropped the silk napkin she had been holding on the floor beside the table just as I  stepped back myself a half step to look her up and down, uttering a low, soft moan while taking in her beauty.

In what I would learn is her signature flirt move and without saying a word, she steped in front of me, turned her back to me and then in a salacious move to pick up her napkin, , she bent over at the waist, kept her long, shapely legs straight, together and began to bend slowly, back straight, arched, head up as she lowered herself to grap the silk fabric on the floor. 

She paused for just a second when she touched the napkin, as if to show off how limber she was with both hands inches away from the floor, before she moved again.

With her clutching the napkin in one hand, the other reaching back to check her short dress hem line, she slowly rose back up, accentuating her pear shaped, tight ass in the process by smoothing out her hem line with those beautifully painted fingers. When she was half way up, she flipped her hair back and turned towards me in a fluid move to shoot me a sly smile.

Pausing almost imperceptively, she lingered with that smile,, winked, and then straightened up with her back still to me, but then wobbled a little on her heels.

As if a magnet was drawing us together, I took a step towards her as she seemed to stumble and fall back into me, pushing her perfect ass out so that it connected right where the lace fringe of my thigh high stockings met my tan, smooth skin. I reached out, grabbed her by the waist to stabilize her as she seemingly wobbled on her 6 inch stillettos. 

She reached back with both hands and grabbed my hips to pull me into her, as is to steady herself, but what a picture we created. In that hidden part of the lounge beside the table, I had an outer body experience, right then, right there. I was looking down on us, her grinding her ass into my upper thighs, me holding her by the hips, pulling her into me.

She responded by further arching her back and pulling me into her ass.

She straightened up, but keeping her back to me and ass snuggled in tight, looked over her shoulder with a faux shocked expression as I held her in place--just as she had intended.

Thank God I had expertly tucked for the evening as the feeling of pulling her hips towards my clit and her looking over her sholder sent me into a form of lust shock.

Stunned and not able to move, I finally said: â€œYou OK?”

She then twisted expertly on her heels and out of my grasp so that we were once again, face to face, lips just inches apart.

“never better.” She exclaimed, almost waiting for a surprised expression on my face.

Batting her long, lushious eye lashes, she moved her eyes towards the table as if to say: “want to sit down.”

“Oh, yes. Of course. Your drink is getting warm. Let’s sit.” I almost stammered out.

“You are so cute. Let me order you a proper cocktail so I can watch you swallow the ‘whole load’ again.” She mocked, using air quotes around “whole load”.

We sat on adjoining sides of the small square bistro table and I settled in, wondering what I would order.

She waved over to the cocktail waitress to come over and then she leaned in to whisper: “Our waitress is a friend, if you know what I mean, so let me know what you think. She might be willing to join us later if you like.”

Holy shit, I thought. Not only is this first encounter amazing, but she is already planning a threesome. My interest just hit the red zone and I sat back.

The waitress came over and what a beauty. Her required cocktail uniform left little to the imagination. She poured nicely into the shimmery silver skin tight mini satin dress which clung to her curvy hips but ended well below her jeweled belly button with what seemed like suspender straps crossing her front and barely covering her nipples. The dress was backless and the lower part of her dress barely covering the crack of her ass.  The front of the dress was an engineering marvel with its sraps criss crossing and supporting what I could tell were massive DD faux breasts, barely covering her nipples which you could see poking through the material. The layperson would never know that she “was a friend”, but I sure did, and my interest turned to her as she approached.  

She had on a set of collar and cuffs which dressed up her uniform into a formal attire category, but they also showed off her bare arms, shoulders and long neck. Dangly silver earrings hung from her small ears and she had her blonde hair up in a tight French twist to accentuate all her exposed sun kissed tan skin.  

“Hi. My name is Monique, and I will be your server this evening. May I get you something from the bar? Monique’s voice was thoroughly practiced and very feminine. Low, musky and very sexy.

I was about to order when Ashley jumped in.

“She will have a slow screw up against the wall in a martini glass, just like me.” 

“So that is what you put in me” I said with a quizzical look on my face and turning to face Ashley for the first time since Monique came to the table.

Monique looked confused by my comment, glancing at both me and Ashley,  but quickly and professionally let the moment pass without saying anything other than to repeat the order. In a slow, soft voice, while looking right at me, she said: â€œThis fabulous creature will have a …. Slow … screw .. up against the â€¦ wall…” dragging out the name of the drink for emphasis and licking her lips after saying it.

I just nodded while mesmerized by her voice and general demeaner.

Monique turned and walked back to the bar with both Ashley’s and my eyes on her pear shaped ass, all contours of which you could see in her dress. Basically, the bottom of her cocktail uniform just barely covered her ass and it was obvious that her employer wanted her to look the part of a slut to amuse and amaze the patrons. Her fish net thigh high stockings accentuated her long legs and her matching silver stilettos had to be 5 inches tall.   She had a very tight, tone ass and when she leaned over at the bar to place the order, one could see the lower part of her tanned ass cheeks under her dress,. If you looked carefully, and apparently both Ashley and I did, you could tell that Monique was wearing a matching silver thong gaf. Her thong gaf was so sheer that you could not even tell she was wearing panties. So expertly tucked she was that you could not see anything  between her legs and it was clear that she was part of the entertainment . All the males in the room had their eyes glued to her when she moved, and she knew it.

I turned back to Ashley and our perfectly made up, cat like eyes locked onto each other. I knew this evening was going to be special.

We were in a swaanky place around the corner from Ashley’s luxury plush pad on what I guess you would call a blind date. The place is called the “G Spot” and is a favorite of natural lipstick lesbians, lipstick crossdressing lesbian , and admirers. Very inclusive, very respectful and great cocktails.

It was well past the happy hour at the time we met at the G Spot that fateful Friday night, and I was grateful that Ashley had ordered a strong, but sweet cocktail to start me off. I needed something to calm my nerves as I had had butterflies in my stomach walking into the place.


Our online exchanges had been hot lately, even sizzling at times, but we had come to the fork in the road and it was time to touch, for real. Even then, she seemed more shy than I had thought she would be when the conversation turned to hooking up. it took some coaxing to penetrate her shyness and get her to agree to come to my favorite night spot, but after a particularly hot phone sex session, she finally understood that we needed to take things to the next level, and now what had I done. 

Ashley had resumed drinking her drink in the martini glass and we paused for a moment, not saying anything, not needing to say anything, while my drink was beign prepared. I loved that she was comfortable with silence.

Monique walked up to our bistro table with my drink.  Sleek, sexy, and sultry she was as she walked with a confident swagar to our bistro table.  

Leaning over to give those behind a little show, and to make sure her lavender scented DD faux breasts were almost in my face, she delicately placed my martini glass on a silk napkin in front of me.

“if you need anything else, I mean anything, just look my way I will come right over.” Monique whispered in my ear as she placed the glass on the napkin.

When Monique finally withdrew, I could now begin with Ashley, or had I already begun.

I finally broke the silence with: I love the way you greet your guests. Every bit the passionate encounter I had dreamed of ever since we started chatting online. Do you do this often?”

Not waiting for an answer, I took another long, deep sip of my martini mixture , careful not to leave any lipstick on the rim. I savored the alcohol rush the first, make that the second, sip I had that night.  . Gone were the shivers and goose bumps when I first walked into the cozy room through the double doors. Then, finally, she spoke.

“You must be Mandy, and if you are not, I need to get to know you.”

I still had some of the drink in my mouth and her quick witted words caught me off guard. I almost spit my drink across the table, but caught myself just in time. We had not even introduced ourselves when I first arrived and she wanted to see how I would react to her quick wit.

Ashley smiled to herself as she, too, took a sip of her cocktail, waiting for my response.

After composing myself I put my drink down and instead of saying anything, I stood up, stepped around the table to stand directly in front of her,

She turned on her chair and looked up.

I leaned down so that our lips were so close the sugar crystals Monique had placed on the rim of my glass, still on my lower lip, were the only thing separating us. I just hovered, waiting for her to savor the moment.

Just then, I felt Ashley shiver, and goose bumps formed all over her chest, shoulders and arms. It was the response I had hoped for and pounced on it.

With out saying anything more, I lifted my right hand, palm up, with glossy red fingernailed index finger extended. With the soft pad of my finger, I touched her chin to tilt her head back further and then ever so slowly, slipped my tongue into and out of her mouth. She shivered again at the sensation.

A quick study, she puckered her lips eagerly to form a mini tunnel into which I could insert my tongue, as if she was sucking my slender, long tongue.

she slowly, gently snaked her right arm around me to place her warm, soft hand on the small of my back and gave me a firm pull to let me know I was not going anywhere soon as she liked the game.

She then pulled back just a little and, extended her tongue and licked several of the remaining sugar crystals from my lips, and then resumed blowing my stif, extended tongue.

With her hand pulling me closer, face up, allowing me to fuck her tight mouth with my tongue, I slowly, gently, slid my velvety tongue into and out of her puckering lips. Just then the tips of her fingers danced on the skin of my lower back and I  could not help myself and I, too, experienced a shiver and crop of goose bums on my exposed lower back. 

It was Electric, how I was reacting to her touch.

I pulled back finally, and She let a smile creep onto her lips which no longer puckered as she just stared into my eyes.

I could see her swirling her tongue around behind closed lips and it was making me weak in the knees. For a second, I was grateful that she was firmly holding me to her, with one of her thighs gently pressing between my legs. She could only go so far with my legs held together by the hem in my very tight black leather micro mini backless cocktail dress, but her hand on the flesh of my lower back was insistant. 

Then the magic of the moment was broken.

I heard her in a low moan, utter “Hmmmmmmm, sweet and hot!, Just the way I like it” as she swirled her tongue in her mouth. 

I closed out the moment by leaning down again to create a faux hair cave with my hair hanging down around our faces to give her a quick , I have to get back to my drink, kiss.

She remained so close in our little cave of faux long hair framing each of our faces that I could feel her hot peppermint laced breath as she parted her lips. She again, extended her tongue, and pushed her way into my ruby red lips for the second time in what can only be described as one of my top kiss moments ever. Gentle, probing, sassy, and oh so delicate that the sensation borderlined on tickling, but so sensual that I knew, and she knew, this was special.

I found myself succumbing to her confidence, her power, her raw passion by parting my legs just enough for her to press her thigh between my legs and onto my clit. Thank got I had taken my time to carefully tuck away the extremely thick, 8 inch love toy or I would have needed to sit down and put a napkin in my lap.

After her tongue massage of my lips, I pulled back, looked into her green eyes and whispered in my most sultry, sexy soft feminine voice:

“of course I am Mandy, and if I were not, I would change my name.”

She then pulled back, removed her hand from my back, her leg from my love triangle, pulled the empty chair at the table very close and whispered in my ear: 

“I need something in my mouth other than this cocktail.” Turning her head to her drink and lifting it to suck down all of its contents. â€œYou game to take off for a little adventure?” she finally got out as she swallowed.

“Well.” I said, blushing at her boldness. â€œ I had hoped to try their new Fire and Ice cocktail, but sure. Let’s go.” 

She looked up from her drink and said with a sly tone in her voice, I like you that color. You have great cheek bones and when red, they highlight your gorgeous face. Besides, you like fire and ice? I will give you fire and ice.” She said with the quiet confidence as she batted her eyelashes at me.

Without even sitting down, I reached for my drink, picked it up with almost shaking hands and took another long, deep sip. I needed to copose myself and needed a few seconds, , and alcholol, to create the pause.

She stood up, waved Monique over and said: “I got this.” As she pulled out a hundred dollar bill an dplaced it on the table top.

I grabbed my clutch from my side of the table and felt her hand touch my arm in a reassuring manner.

“Don’t worry babe. I will be gentle.” She said as she moved for the door.  â€œAt least as gentle as you want!” she added with a smile.

Just as I began to follow, Monique arrived at the table.

“Remember. If you need anything, just call.” Monique whispered into my ear as she secretly slid a piece of paper into my hand.

I looked back as I walked to the door to watch Mohnique pick up the bill and wink at me.

I found Ashley at the door waiting for me.

From our conversations, I knew that Ashley had a luxury penthouse condo high above the city just a few blocks from the G Spot and I looked forward to walking back to it with her in the very warm, still air evening.

She stopped right at the door. Turned to face me, wraps one of ther smooth, but delicate strong arms around my thin waist , places her hand in the small of my back to pull me in as if to kiss, but at the last moment passes my mouth and in a throaty, liquor laced voice whispers in my ear with such heat that I get goose bumps all over:

‘Count to 10, honey – and then follow me to my place.”

Not sure what to think, I just stood there. I contemplated when I should start counting to 10 as the door opened and she left. 

I closed my eyes to catch my breath and I wait those few seconds while she walked through the door entryway, and onto the sidewalk. 

When I finally opened the door to leave, she was a few meters down the sidewalk.

I noticed that she was more than just walking. She was performing, all for my pleasure.  I noticed immediately that a few cars slowed to watch and a couple passer bys were straight up turning their heads to watch her walk by.

I was admiring the lovely ass which was being presented purely for my pleasure.

She started to put a little extra sensuous sway into her walk so that it became a strut. She was walking down the street with a ‘fuck me’ wiggle to her hips with every stride, and I could not tear my eyes away from the swing of her ass. Her backless stretchy satin dress stopped just above her glorious ass cheeks and strain to get a glimpse of the cleft of her ass as the dress moved ever so slightly with each step, but was held in place with a tight bottom elastic band. Her dress almost seemed to cup her ass cheeks as if they were in a bra. . Her gaf was perfect for her outfit as it was paper thin in back and around her waist, so you would think that she was not wearing any panties at all. Her gaf positioned her massive clit in an invisiable tucked position between her muscular, fish net stockinged legs which is seemingly impossible, but a marvel of CD intimate wear engineering.

I was so glad that I had worn a tight fitting gaf so that the swell of my well tucked clit did not do more than strain against the soft, but firm fabric. I thought for a second what I would do if things popped out, and feld another  wave of blush wash over me as I contemplated the thought.

I found myself lusting after Ashley, an dpicked up my pace to catch up a little.

My heart was pounding, my palms were a little sweaty, my throat was dry, and I started to unconsciously bite my luscious ruby red lower lip, in breathless appreciation and anticipation of what was going to happen.

I catch up with my honey just as she stops to pull open the heavy, sparkling glass doors to the foyer of her building. As she struggled with the massive door, she leaned back and fell against me. She straightened up and with me now right up against her, holding our jackets in front of me, , our position blocked any view of the ever present security cameras from seeing what I was about to do.

I shifted my sleek soft leather jacket into one hand and with the other I reach down, softly traced a finger along the edge of her backless dress. A full crop of goose bumps formed on her exposed skin as I moved my finger until it is right above the cleft of her ass cheeks. I hear her moan softly, and I know I have only a second or two more before the doorman would come out to see if there is something wrong with the door.  

Quickly, I palmed her lower back and slipped my hand down and underneath her dress. I slid my hand down between her  lushious, firm globes, first squeezing each one softly before trailing down further to feel her growing hardness in her tucked position.   

She shuddered and my heart stopped. She then nudged me backwards and under the cover of my jacket, I deftly slipped my hand out of her dress and moved aside so we could enter the building.

She turned slightly to push the door out of the way as it swung open and I felt her faux 38DD breast forms with permanently hard nipples brush by my arm. I could not get into the building quick enough as goose bumps form on my skin where her faux nipples made contact. 

I felt another flush wave crash over me as I walked through the doorway into the marbled foyer of the ultra luxury building, trying my best to avoid eye contact with the doorman who, I can tell, has been watching our every move. 

“good evening ladies,” Michael said as he sat back in his chair.  

What a vision Michael was sitting there at the high tech white granite guard station with all of its security camera displays illuminating Michael’s clean chavened face and torso. In the subdued elegant spot lighting of the white marbled foyer, Michael stood in stark contrast in what could be a scene right out of a movie. A very tall, muscular black man with striking facial features, dreadlock hair, neatly arranged in tight rows, seated on a white chair, at a white desk, looking up from white monitors in a dark, very well tailored uniform which showcased his rippling muscular arms in a short sleave top. The lighting gave the scene an almost shadow box like effect.

Ashley decided to have some fun.

“Good evening Michael,” Ashley said in her most feminine voice.    â€œKeeping the bad guys away tonight?”

Too quickly for him to respond, I summon my most sexy, throaty voice and follow with: I trust, howver, you are letting all the good girls in!” I said with a sly smile forming on my full red lips.  

Michael looked slightly stunned by my comment and there is dead silence in the foyer, other than the clicking noise Ashley’s steel stiletto heels made as she slowly walked past the guard station, making sure to arch her back ever so slightly which had the effect of pushing her cute, tight ass out and pushing up her faux 38DD breast forms in her skimpy lace bra underneath her nearly sheer neck high skin tight, backless  mini dress.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye, as I approached the guard station and into the beam of one of the spot lights in the ceiling that Michael swivaled in his chair.

 , He locked his eyes onto Ashley’s faux breasts like a heat seeking missle locks onto its target just before impact. With their permanently hard nipples showing slightly through the fabric of her dress, I blush a little as I focus on his crotch area.

As I found myself in the spotlight, I lingered for a moment to allow Micheal’s attention to return to me. My outfit this particular evening was perfect for the occasion of beign in a top down spot light.

My silhouette was quite a sight. Breasts jutting out of my skin tight dress, nipples poking through, slim waist, flat stomach, round muscular ass and black fish thigh high lace fish net stockings stopping just under the hem of my short black leather mini dress, all illuminated in a shadow box moment of my own. It must have been quite the site for Micheal.  

Michael  refocused his vision on me and just stared, as men do, with his mouth part open and looking like he was lost.  The near silence was deafening.

. The Hypnotic moment was finaly broken when Ashley and her steel heel clicking sounds paused at the entrance to the elevator vestibule. She leaned back against the archway and, then she, too, found herself bathed in one of the halogen spot lights. She half turned to Michael with her curvy body right under the spot

and stopped.  She was quite the vision with the white marble background, vivid red mini dress and tan exposed skin, one leg up with heel on the wall, just waiting.   She looked like a very high class hooker, hoping for the best.

Michael whipped his head back and forth from Ashley to me, then back to Ashley until my throat clearning noise finally tore Michael’s attention away from the vision of Ashely’s silhouette against the wall, one foot then raised and up against the wall, arms crossed, just waiting to see what would happen. Very sexy, I thought as I watched her like a scene in a movie, but now it was my turn to have fun.

With an equally sexy demeaner and mischievous attitude, I put down our soft leather jackets , placed my hands on the cool white granite desk, leaned over so Michael could see right down my front halter top, backless short mini dress, and almost whispered: “

;”Well, Michael, are we good girls? You gonna let us in?”

I noticed Michael’s pants tented and decided to have a little more fun. I lingered for a response as I leaned over a little further, exposing more of my dangling massive faux breasts.

“Uh, no,, I mean, Uh, yes. Sure. No problem,” he stammered now as he focused his attention squarely on my ful, firm jutting faux breasts just a couple of feet in front of his face.

“Good thing.” I said. “I thought for a second you might put us in the ‘bad guy” category, slap hand cuffs around our wrists, take us into the back room and lock us up.” At this I smiled slyly as Michael did not know how accurate the ‘bad guy’ label might be since I just got him to tent his pants for a glamorous lipstick CD sister  

Yeah, I was a ‘bad guy’ alright, and would soon prove it with Ashley upstairs, but first thigns first. I had to prove to Ashley the extent of my powers.

I then stood up and pretended to fumble with my black patent leather clutch bag. After a second, I opened up my clutch, pulled out my lipstick case, , and as if I had practiced it, dropped my ruby red lipstick cylinder onto the desk where it rolled toward Michael and down onto the floor right between his spread legs. 

“Oops. So sorry. Let me get that.” I purred as a stunned Michael just sat there not sure what to do or say.

I walked around the desk with Michael’s eyes firmly glued to my amazing ass and as I rounded the corner of the desk, I stopped right under another spot light which lit up my blonde hair as if I had been plugged into a light socket. The light also hit my faux double D breasts jutting out from my chest, straining against my tight dress, nipples hard and showing. It was a moment of live art, broken by my soft words.

“Michael, be a good boy and move back a little so I could get my lipstick.” As I gestured to the case on the floor.

Michael absent mindedly rolled his chair back a few inches and his mouth dropped open as I knelt down, got on my hands and knees, and crawled over to stop just in front of him. 

With Michael speechless, I slowly put my hand on his left thigh and pushed him a little farther back so that they were out of the spot light and into a little shadowed area behind the array of monitors.  I said nothing as I walked my long, sleek, sexy fingers of MY right hand up his thigh until they stopped on what had to be a massive, throbbing pole in his pants. 

Deftly, I reached up with MY other hand, unbuttoned his gard uniform pants, unzipped his fly and fished out his member, all the while never allowing MY cat like green eyes to stray from his. I knew that I could keep him in a trance if I locked eyes, and Michael was a statute in the chair for me while I brushed my long blonde hair behind my ears, licked my lips, and leaned in. 

It took only a second for me to wrap my lips around what turned out to be an 11 inch long, 2.5 inch thick python of a cock. Michael, still frozen, just sat there as I began to roll my tongue around the head of his massive cock.  Instantly, a dribble of precum began to ooze from his slit and I was quick to extend my tongue and bath it with the salty nectur. Once I had lapped up the precum, I put my ruby lips all around the flaring head of his cock and sucked hard. So hard that Ashley told me later that she could see my cheeks dimple with the vacuum. effect 

With a soft popping noise I released his cock with a guttural moan.

Very tasty. How about some more.” I purred. I did not wait for his response, but instead just stood his erect cock up and lowered my wet, velvet mouth down onto it.

I slowly pushed forward until his cock was hiting the back of my throat. I then bobbed up and down slowly, making sure to firmly hold his cock at the base with my left hand, and use a twisting motion with my right hand to stroke it gently up and dowon with a feather touch. 

My mouth juices had lubricated the veining, dark, hard skin all around the head, an dit was time for more.

Michael let out a low moan as I paused my bobbing to make little figure eight patterns with my tongue on the sensitive skin right under the head of his cock. 

After 10 seconds of this special attention, Michael mouthed the word “Fuck”, but nothing came out. 

I then got to work and pushed forward harder now so that his cock hit, and then passed down my well trained throat until my lips met my hand firmly holding the base of his thick cock. I held my head there, trapping his cock in my throat. I started to make low, vibrating throat noises and moved only a half inch or so up and down so he could get the sensation of fucking my wet, tight throat. 

This was all Michael could take and while only about 100 seconds had elapsed from the time I first licked the head of his cock, his cock started twitching and I knew he was close, oh so close.

I pulled back, continued gently stroking his shaft with my figners. With my beautiful hair falling over my shoulders in my knealing position, I extended my tongue out to flick at the underside of his head. I wanted to edge him so he would come really hard.

With me flicking my tongue on this cock, stroking his shaft, I kept him right on the edge for another 2 full minutes. I felt his balls tighten up as he got close, fall a little as I edged him back, and then tighten up again as I swirled my tongue all the way around his head before I dropped my mouth on him again.

With a low whistle from Ashley, I knew it was time and went in for the money shot.

I repositioned my head angle, pulled his cock down and moved forward so that I deep throated him all the way to his balls. I wanted to gag, but held it back as I felt his cock swell. I cupped his balls and felt them rise and tighten one last time.

With a few additional deep piston movements, I felt his head flare up and balls suck in close to his shaft as it began.

I allowed his cock to slowly withdraw from my throat until just the head was captured behind my ruby red lips. With my lips locked, my tongue feverishly flicking the underside of his cock head, my left hand squeezing  his balls like a cock ring, and my right fingers sliding up and down his shaft, he let out a low, long moan as he errupted in my mouth.

“Holy fuck.” He said as he panted during the first moments of his eruption.

The first spurt of his cum hit my tongue and I used it as extra lubrication to work the head of his cock with my tongue. The second and third spurts were strong, rope like and hit the back of my throat and it was then that I sucked hard, cheeks caved in vacuuming all he had to offer. 

Michael squirmed in his seat, but I did not let him up as I wanted it all, and I wanted Ashley to watch.

I began swallowing quickly as I felt more and more cum flood out of Michael’s slit. I did not want to loose a drop of his yummy cum, and with the suction I had going, the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth spurts of cum from his rock hard cock made their way right down my throat. 

After swallowing the main spurts, I pushed forward to deep throat him several times to give him the sensation of a tight throat fuck. He responded by moaning uncontrollably. 

I pulled back and lovingly continued to use my tongue to stimulate the head of his cock which was rapidly deflating after shooting his huge load into my hot, wet mouth. I kep up my sucking, tongue flicking, and stroking motions with my fingers   until I was sure that I had milked out the last of his cum, even holding the head in my mouth as I put my right hand into a ring with my index and thumb fingers, started at his base and wringed up his shaft to force the cum along the shaft and out his hole into my mouth.  After 10 or so of these long, slow wringing movements of my right index and thumb fingers, I was satisfied that he was dry.

I felt a few droplets of his cum on my lips and slowly, salaciously, licked them off with my tongue, looking right at Michael while doing so.

For Michael, the best blow job of his life came to an end with me looking up at him with my sparkling mischievous green eyes, locking him into a statue again while I tucked his now soft cock back into his uniform, zipped him up and buttoned his pants.

“Now where is that lipstick of mine.” I said as I pick up the lipstick, extended the red tip of the cylinder, and while batting my eyes at Michael, I applied a perfect portion to my lips, pressing them together to make a perfect lip match with ruby red color. 

With the lipstick still extended, I extended my tongue and almost licked it, like I was licking a small cock. Michael finally stirred in his seat and began to mumble in a low , moaning voice.

“What, what was that?  That was amazing.” 

“Of course it was baby.” I said as I lifted up to a seated position. 

“I want you to pay close attention to the safety of my girlfriend and what better way to make sure you notice her and her safety needs than by showing you how appreciative I will be for your efforts. I said, matter of factly, rolling my lipstick back into the cylinder, and standing up.

“of course, uh, sure, uh, nothing but the best for Ashley /” Michael stammered as I turned the corner of his guard station desk. With my heels clicking, I walked over to Ashely, still leaned against the archway of the elevator vestibule.

“like the show?” I said with a grin.

Ashley pulled me in an said: “give me a taste.” As she leaned in an dlocked lips with me. I felt her tongue explore my mouth and search for any taste of cum left lingering. 

“yummmm!”, Ashley said as she broke the kiss. â€œI like it. Now let’s see how much more we can put in there.”

Ashely pushed off the wall, grabbed my hand and walked to the elevator.

I looked back and saw that Michael’s pants were already beginning to tent again and smiled.

“You enjoy endulging my staff?”  Ashley asked in a sassy voice.

“nothing but the best for you my darling, and if that means giving a blow job now and again to your security personnel, then it is my pleasure.” I said as I stepped closer to Ashley as the elevator doors opened.

“besides, I figured that you might like to kiss me with a little cum taste in my mouth.And with that, I leaned in again and gently touched lips with Ashley, extending my tingling, sperm cum coated tongue into her mouth, but making sure not to mess up our perfect lipstick application.

“Yummmmm.” Ashley said softly as she flicked my tongue with hers, tasting the salty, of, so familiar cum taste on her tongue. 

She grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me in for another delicate kiss, but this time, I felt her deposit a pill capsule in my mouth from hers.

I tried to pull back but she held firm and pushed the pill down my throat.

After I swallowed the pil, Ashley released me and smiled. 

I tried to protest, but she put her finger to my lips and said. ‘Don’t worry baby. You are going to love this.”

A little stunned, but up for anything, I just stood there a second.

Ashley broke the silence. â€œNow, maybe I could get more of that upstairs.” Ashely said as she pushed me into the now waiting elevator,

I started to feel very light headed, but turned and took a step to the door. Ashley slapped my ass hard as I turned and walked into the elevator. “yeah, you are gonna love this.” Ashley said with a low tone with the doors closing.

The elevator took several seconds, maybe a full minute to reach what I would learn is the penthouse floor of the luxury building.

My head felt very funny, but I did not seem to be getting high. I listened to Ashley hummed along to the popular song piped into the elevator. I noticed that I was following every single sound coming from her mouth. She looked at me and even snapped her fingers in my face to the rhythm of the song in the elevator which had a bewitching effect. It was as if I was loosing my willpower and wanted Ashley to tell me to do something, anything.

Ashley noticed that my eyes got a little glassey and said: “Good girl. Now you are falling into my web.” I just reached out and tried to touch her all the while saying almost unconsciously, “Yes, yes, I want to be your good girl. Please let me be your good girl.”

My voice was almost pleading, needy, and desperate. My eyes looked at her with longing, pleading for her to continue. I was truly having an outter body experience, looking down on us from an imaginary space above us. 

I shook my head to collect myself, but the motion only further activated whatever special ingredient was in the pill I as swallowed.

Another few seconds and the doors to the elevator finally opened, with me glassy eyed and just staring at Ashley.

The elevator deposited us right to her penthouse floor, directly into her foyer.

When the doors opened, I turned my head and was a little surprised to see a gorgeous, blonde woman sitting sideways to us, her head ffacing away.   Ashley and took two steps inside the foyer and then Ashley stopped, pulling me to a stop as well. I could do nothing but obey.

The woman was seated behind a stylish oak desk in front of two massive oak doors which must lead to the rest of the living quarters.

“Evening Mistress.” The young,blonde, feminine thing said  as she quickly swivled in her chair and stood.  

Oh, My God. I thought to myself when I saw that lovely creature stand.

As we approached the large oak desk, Ashley purred,; â€œTiffany, this is Mandy. She will be my, um, guest, for the evening. Are things prepared?”

I was mesmerized by the rapid pace of the scene unfolding in front of me and just the sound of Ashley’s voice had me tingling all over. Something in that pill, I thought to myself, but the thought vanished quickly as Ashley put her hand on my arm to stock me from moving forward.

I froze to her touch, and it sent a shiver throughout my entire body. 

“Yes, Misstress, just as you instructed.” Came Tiffany’s quick, polished reply as she moved to come around the desk and greet Ashley.

Tiffany was very attractive, and looking like quite the bondage slave as she stood there in her spider web of an outfit. She quickly shuffled her 6 inch stilettoed feet around the desk, making sure not to separate her knees or wobble high atop her heels. She wore a shiney, black patent leather collar  which connected to the leather spider web, criss crossing around her body, with shelves pushing up and out her very large, DD reall looking breasts. Studded rings pierced her hard, erect nipples framed by a triangle of leatherstraps. Small delicate silver chains connected her nipple rings to her collar and as I traced the chains with my eyes, I was able to focus on a italicized word on her collar spelled out in sparkling diamonds. 

“Slave”, the collar said and I almost said the word out loud, but caught myself just in time.

Tiffany’s spider web outfit was skin tight and hugged her every curve. The lower straps connected to thigh high fishnet stockings and I could see that Tiffany had a shiney, black paten leather thong, which I would later know was a gaf hiding one of the largest shemale clits I had ever seen.   She had expertly tucked her long, thick CD clit inside herself in a manner which looked like she had a real pussy. I made a mental note to ask her about her technique, and then my mind slipped again.

Tiffany shuffled and as she did, the chains tugged at her nipple rings when her large breasts bounced.  She looked like she was tied up, but it was just an illusion with all the criss crossing  She seemed to be experience some nipple pain, but said nothing. straps.

Ashley turned to me and almost whispered. “Mandy, baby, I know this is a lot to take in, but I want you to listen very carefully.” Ashley moved in closer to me with her lips just near my right ear and my eyes locked on Tiffany’s blue eyes.

In a hypnotic voice which seemed to penetrate me right to my core, she whisptered: â€œ For tonight, I want to play a little fantasy game with you,. I want you to be my little play thing, do everything I ask, without question.  You will be my sex slave tonight. You good with that?

In a voice I barely recognized, I heard myself say. “Yes, Misstress. Anything you desire Misstress. Please, Please do anything you wish with me Misstress.” 

My mind was active and I was completely alert, but it seemed as if I had no control over my body. I had no willpower and desperately yearned for Ashley’s voice to command me. The Pill, I thought, but could not break the spell.

Tifany finally shuffled around the desk and made it to a meter in front of Ashley. She then delicately, slowly, kneeled in front of Ashley, dropping her tight slim ass onto her heels, putting her hands behind her back, sticking out her large real breasts, and looking down to Ashely’s feet.  There she knelt, silent, back arched, and obedient.

I just stood there with my mouth open. Again, my mind was very active, but I just stood there, hopeing that I, too, might be put to work by Ashely in some submissive, sex slave way.  It crossed my mind that I had been given some type of chemical mind control pill, but every thought was there for only a second, replaced with a desire to please, to submit.

Ashely started to stroke Tiffany’s blonde, soft hair all tightly wound up in a French twist, but Tiffany never raised her head. â€œgood girl Tiffany!” Ashley purred.  

With the pull of a single pin, Ashley released Tiffany’s soft, long blonde hair which fell down and around her bare sholders.

“I think you have earned a treat. Would you like to play with our new toy?” 

Ashley was clearly referring to me, and Tiffany started to shake just a little as if she was getting very excited, but said nothing. She knew better.

Ashley then asked again with a little sharper tone, “Tiffany, you want a little play time with our new toy?”  This time, Ashley put a finger under Tifany’s chin and forced her head up to look right at me.

Tiffany licked her lips and said, softly, “Yes, Misstress. I want to play with your new toy. Please may I play with her?”  Tiffany’s foice was quivering, almost like she was afraid, but nonetheless kept her sparkling, glistening eyes focused on me when she spoke.

My mind was racing, but my body was frozen. I just stood there in my cute, tight dress, faux breasts jutting out, blonde hair delicately falling around my shoulders and that unmistakable taste of cum still on my tongue.

Tiffany then looked at me and said. â€œYes, Mandy will make a wonderful play toy. You should have seen her with Michael downstairs. The quickest I have ever seen him cum..and even then she edged him for a full 4 minutes. A massive load, and I bet you will be able to taste it on her still.”

At that I shivered. Was Ashley reading my mind. How did she know I was just thnking about the cum on my tongue.

?Mandy.  Straighten up. Arms back, breasts out. Present yourself to Tiffany like a good girl. Ashley said as she grabbed Tiffany by the hair and almost pulled her up to her fee to place her directly in front of me.

Tiffany wobbled a bit on her 6 inch stillettos, and then composed herself.

“Really? Misstress May I?” Tiffany said haltingly as she looked at Ashley.

“Yes, you have earned this.” I have some work to do so feel free to use my office for your play. I will be finished in around 45 minutes and expect Mandy to be well trained by the time I return.” Ashley almost barked the commands as she headed toward a invisible side door which seemed to open with a swish and closed as quickly as it opened right after Ashley entered the side room.

Just like that Ashley was gone and there I was facing Tiffany.

Tiffany’s eyes were now narrow, colder somehow, and a slight smile grew on her lips.

Tiffany focused her eyes on me and with lightening speed, she whipped her right hand across and slapped me hard on the cheek with the open palm of her right hand.

“Never look right at me Fuck Toy.” Tiffany said in a voice I had not heard before.

My left cheek was stinning, but it was an odd sensation. My mind hated, it, but I found myself saying,: “Thank you Misstress. I will not disobey you again, Misstress..”

The heat rose on my cheek and I found myself getting aroused at the thought of submitting to Tiffany, to be her “fun fuck toy.”

Another sharp sting on my left cheek as her lightening fast left hand slapped me again.

“Nebver, I mean never speak until told to do so, you lowly Fuck Toy.” Tiffany hissed as she said these words. No doubt she had been the recipient of some training as a result of not following that rule.

My mind was shocked, but my body was fully compliant, willing and eager to do whatever Tiffany wished. The mind control chemicals were raging through my body now and I gave up any hope of fighting against the urge to please.

With that I lowered my eyes to her stillettos, pushed out my faux breasts a little more, pushed out my tight ass a little more and said: â€œyess, Misstress. Thank you Misstress. How may I please you Misstress?”

“now, what will I do with you, you cute fuck toy, you?” Tiffany mused as she circled around to stand behind me.

“Hands clasped behind your back, shest out@” Tiffany commanded in almost a husky tone behind me.

Instantly, I grabbed my hands behind my back and raised them to the lower of my back so I could push out my breasts even farther as I arched my back. It was as if I needed to please Tiffany.

Tiffany snaked her arms through mine from the back and cupped my DD faux breasts in each hand. I could feel her net dress outfit with my hands as she pressed into me and I wanted to finger her, but dared not. She brought her lips near my right ear and whispered: “Are you wearing nipple sensation transfor pads like a good girl?” 

Without waiting for an answer, Tiffany pinched my nipples hard with her thumb and index fingers. I let out a sharp gasp as the pain from my faux nipples transferred through the high tech mechanism to my actual nipples. I wanted to bend over to escape the pain, but Tiffany held me up with her arms snaked around from behind.  I could feel her puress her crotch into my ass and I lifted my hands into my lower back so she could have more direct contact with me.

She tortured my nipples for 2 full minutes, pulling them, pinching them with her long sharp fingernails, and rolling the pinched nipples in her fingers. All the while, she kept up a soft whisper of “good girl, good girl” in my ear. I could feel her nipple rings touching my bare back and the combination of pain, pleasure and excitement was really turning me on.

Finally, she released my nipples and withdrew her arms from between mine. I let out a long sigh of relief, but said nothing.

Tiffany then started to walk torward a wall. â€œCome this way my Fuck Toy.” Tiffany said in a voice I would have mistaken for a naughty child.

Instantly, and without hesitation, I said. “ Yess Misstress.” I had no idea what I was doing, but some type of chemical mind control had taken over me and I felt compelled to do anything, everything asked of me.  I quickly straightened up, pulled down my short dress, scrambled to my feet high atop my own 5 inch stillettos.

Another nvisible door swished open and Tiffany walked throu it, head turned to confirm I was following.

When I entered the room, I noticed that everything was made with red leather.,   Awe struck I was, but kept following.

“What did I say about speaking before you were asked to speak?” Tiffany said with a sly smile on her lips.

I said nothing in response and tried to keep my eyes on her stillettos so as to not disobey her further.

I will have to punish you again for that, you bad girl.” Tiffany hissed out.

Tiffany was at the bookcase, pulling something sparkling and silver from a high shelve in a hidden panel behind some books.


“Come here Fuck Toy.” Tiffany demanded, in a sweet, but compelling voice.

“Yes Misstress.” I said as I took long, steps to come to her side.

“She looked disapprovingly at me. 

“Tisk, tisk. You must never part your knees until told to do so. I will have to punish you for that as well”. “ Tiffany said with a sly smile on her lips.

“now come here and kneel down in front of me, sit on your heels, arms behind your back, tits up and out.” 

I immediately obeyed and shuffled over just as I had seen Tiffany do until I was right in front of her and then knelt down as I had seen her do for Ashley.  Again, another outter body experience feeling crept over me as I looked down on us I was on my knees, ass on my heels, head bowed,, hands behind my back, breasts pushed out and amasingly horney.


Tiffany took an elegant pure silver collar chain from a velvet box hidden in the bookcase and gently wrapped it around my neck, careful not to snag my hair as she locked it into place.  The collar chain was the perfect length for me. Tight, but not too tight. It had two dangling chains hanging from it and I wondered what they were for. I did not have to wonder long.

After locking the collar around my neck, Tiffany grabbed one of the dangling chains, opened the alligator clip and latched it onto my left nipple. White hot pain, luxurious, sweet, velvet pain hit my entire body and I shuttered. The pain was so intense, I could not even speak.

I closed my eyes and a second later I was hit with another full body pain, sweet, warm, luxurious pain when Tiffany latched the other alligator clip to my right nipple.

“Do you like your new collar? Tiffany purred.

I just let out a slow hiss of a breath as I contemplated the scene. My nipples were throbbing, but the pain was exquisite, and mullti-layers. I felt rapped in a comforter of velvet pain, warm, searing and gorgeous.  

“Yes, yes, very much Misstress. It looks so pretty and I love the feel of it on my neck and nipples.” It was as if someone else was talking, as my outter body  experience deepened as I fell further into the mind control drug. .

“There you go, my good little Fuck Toy.” Tiffanhy said as she admired the look, putting a finger under my ching to pull my face up.  This had the effect of tugging my nipples up and new, searing pain shot through me, deep, luxurious sweet pain.

“you want to play now?” tiffany asked as if she was unsure of my answer.

I was just reveling in the sensation of mind control submission and pain. I had a thought that I must, deep down, be a pain slut, but no time to think about that now.

“”yes, Misstress.  Please play with your new Fuck Toy.” What was I saying. My mind was right there, but my mouth could say nothing but yes to this person. What was I going to agree to next, I thought as I fingered the collar around my neck and put fingers on my pinched nipples.

As if she was admiring her handiwork, Tiffany slappe my hands away and grabbed each of the clips around my nipples and gave them a little twist, just to make sure they were secure. More, white hot pain / pleasure shot throu me and I noticed that my clit was now straining to come out of my gaf. What was this? I thought. I was really enjoying the pain and pleasure of the moment.

I then noticed that Tiffany returned to the bookcase and opened up another hidden box. This time she removed something long and slender, but I could not see it with my head bowed.

I had got only a quick glimse of the item and wondered if it was what I thought it might be hoped it might be in my semi-delerious chemically mind controlled state.


Tiffany turned with a smile, issuing a sharp crack of leather against her lower thigh.

I could barely hold back my excitement, but I dared not show her how eager I was to be whipped. A secret fantasy of mine and now it was going to happen. Really happen with my nipples clamped and aching. Could I cum from this? I wondered as the sensations began to flood over me.

“Please... I’m sorry. I’ll do anything...” I begged with a fake sob, my lower lip quivering like the good actress I was, at the sight of her long, hard, riding crop with the leather tassle at the end.

She was unmoved by my fake, but seemingly desperate pleas for mercy.

We both knew that I was due some punishment and it was just a question of how much now.

Tiffany moved to stand in front of me and grabbed my nipple chains. â€œup, up, my bad little girl.” She said as she tugged up on the chains, sending a new cascading searing pain through my captured nipples.

I quickly rose to my feet and she lead me over to a large paneled desk with a thick top slab of smooth, rounded marble on top extending beyond the pedestal base a foot in all directions.  She let go of my nipple chains and stood me up in front of the desk.

“So, how does this work?” Tiffany mused as she started fumbling with my dress. In just a second or two, she had unclasped, unzipped, unhooked and unwound the skin tight dress which instantly fell to the floor around my feet. 

I stood there in nothing but my gaf,push up strapless bra with nipple chains connecting my nipples to my collar, lacy thigh high stockings, and stillettos.

Tiffany gave out a low whistle as she looked me up and down. “Ashley really landed a dish tonight.” Tiffany said to herself as her fingers probed my explosed flesh. 

Without any warning, Tiffany pushed me over the desk so I was face down, legs against the side, sprawled over the top.

‘Straight legs, arched back, hands on your tight ass.” Tiffany commanded, and almost as quickly as she ordered, I obeyed.  What was I doing.

My weight was now on my breasts and I was acutely aware of the nipple clips digging into my nipples with my weight on them. I said nothing, and did not move as I waited.  The cold sensation of the marble desk contrasted with the searing heat of the nipple clamps digging into my flesh.

“now be a good girl for your punishment.” Tiffany said as she swished the crop back and forth in the air.

Not knowing wat to do, but wanting to please her, I slid the index finger of each hand under my sides of my tight thong gaf, wiggled a little and pulled my gaf panties down my legs, pushing them onto the floor next to my dress which I kicked aside. I then resumed my prone position, and grabbed my firm, tight ass cheeks and pulled them apart for her.  Even more weight on my nipples now and the pain was mind bending. I was not even sure of what my hands were doing as I contemplated the pain in my nipples.

“yes, that is exactly what I wanted. Good girl.” She purred.

Amazingly, I felt proud by her words, and arched my back another centimeter. I shuddered, knowing my fate was sealed. Biting my lower lip, I once again leaned forward across the desk, knowing what was expected. I reached back further with both hands, grasping more of the firm twin cheeks of my naked ass and eagerly spread them for my Misstress.   With a new sensation of nipple pain with all my upper body weight on my faux breasts, I waited.

She approached. Tiffany purred with approval, moving into position. “Good girl, Mandy,” she praised. A choked-back half breath escaped my lips, a mixture of fear and anticipation, as I shifted my high heels on the marble floor, spreading my legs into a wider stance, keeping my legs straight, back arched, breasts mashed into the table top.

The first blow was but a tease, landing with a light slap on the left cheek of my ass. I flinched, but with only the slightest little whimper. The leather tip of the crop tapped a series of slow, light touches on my naked skin, as if both it and Tiffany were pondering their next move. I twitched in response to each of the gentle contacts, anticipation building to an unbearable level of tension. An emotional sob issued from my lips as tears of expectation began to well up in my eyes. It was finally happening, My fantasy was becoming reality and I was not sure how to emotionally process the moment. Tiffany helped.

“and what does my fuck toy want her punishment to be?” Tiffany half asked.

I knew I was risking punishment, but I could not hold back. 

“Whip me! Please whip my asss Missress! Whip me into submission like the good girl I want to be” More strange, foreign words out my mouth, but just saying them increased my arousal.

The next lash struck, hard and true, her skillful hand expertly landing the supple leather tip of the riding crop with a wet splat directly on the hyper-sensitive flesh of my puckered little anus. I shrieked a yowl of anguish that surely echoed throughout every hall and office in the building. Fireworks exploded across my vision at the staggering sensation of pain. “Oh my god!” I gasped, blubbering in the brief respite that followed, feeling myself desperately short of breath. I could sense the blazing red welt of tormented flesh rise, throbbing angrily, stopped just short of drawing actual blood. Another aborted gasp of hope and despair escaped my lips, but I dutifully wriggled my naked hips to entice Tiffany on, as if I was asking for more, harder whips.

“Spread your CD pussy further for me, Mandy,” tiffany requested. Tears of joy trailed down my cheeks as my fantasy became reality. .

I gained a firm grip on the cheeks of my ass and spread  myself even wider for her. I knew I must please her, I needed to please her and I was now not sure if the chemical mind control substance or my lust was taking over.

I then dutifully lowered my fingers into position on either side of my pulsating CD fuck hole. Pressing my fingers into the soft pale flesh surrounding my CD cunt, I eased myself open, trembling as I felt my tender little CD cunt gape. The riding crop announced its motion with a soft whistle, cutting wickedly through the air before savagely biting the leather tip into the exposed interior tissues of my CD fuck hole.

A mist of wet spray erupted, my dewy previously inserted anal lube juices splattering in a rain of small droplets from under the stinging impact. Another lash quickly followed, choking back my scream into a strangled gurgle of mind-numbing pleasure and pain. I squirmed, pulling my CD pussy open wider, rolling my hips upward to present myself in a more favorable position.

A well aimed whipping motion of Tiffany’s wrist slashed the riding crop down hard, unyielding leather finding purchase on the delicate and inflamed tissues of my CD fuck hole, and then it happened.

“…and what is this I see?” tiffany said as she noticed my CD clit harden.

She then began targeting my CD clit. Agony and ecstasy swirled in a raging vortex as my prolonged wail seemed to rattle the artistic decorations on the walls. My clit swelled, throbbing in excruciating pain and pleasure. I had never had my clit whipped and it was swelling to large proportions, as if it was enjoying the whipping.

. I bucked my hips, once, twice, waiting for that next lash to strike. A tremor shuddered through the farthest reaches of my CD pussy, just the initial glowing embers of a potential orgasm whith continuous whips on my clit base, tip and shaft raineding down.

Tiffany paused, surely wearing a bemused expression on her face at my shameless antics, and wondering if she had found herself a real pain slut, about to experience a hands free orgasm  because of the whipping. “You like this, don’t you, you fuck toy? Tiffany asked, not really wanting an aswer.

Then it stopped. As the delay extended, I collapsed on the desk, relieved for the moment that the pain had stopped, but frustrated that my orgasm build up had ended.

“P PP Please, mistress, continue. Whip your fuck toy to an organsm, I am close. P p p please do not stop.” I heard the words but barely registered them coming out of my mouth.

“Bad girl” was all I heard before the next blow. 

The leather crop cut through the air again, favoring my tender little anus with another blossoming welt. I shrieked, the tender ring of my rectum puckering open and closed in rapid spasms as the flesh tingled in anguish. I groaned, my fingers sliding instinctively upward from my CD pussy to spread the cheeks of my ass open even farther in wider invitation. Another twitch of woven leather whip rewarded me with yet another emerging welt, precision placed just inside the gaping rim of my wrinkled anal orifice. I hissed a sharp intake of air through clenched teeth, feeling a shiver race up my spine. I squirmed eagerly, the muscles in my inner thighs rippling with anticipation as the staggering pain transformed itself into the pent up energy of a still restrained orgasm. Just one more lash would do it...

Tiffany held back, letting the anticipation build to a nervous tension. I purred with appreciation at her sense of theater and timing, holding my ass cheeks open wide, arching my back and throwing my head back to fling my blonde hair onto my back.

But after a prolonged and apprehensive moment, the next stroke of the riding crop still failed to deliver. Confused, anxious, I dared to lift my head and turn my gaze behind me to investigate. I whimpered, feeling the brink of my promising orgasm begin to falter. With wide eyes I looked back at Tiffany, pleading silently for satisfaction.

I nervously swallowed and then attempted to paste a strained smile onto my expression as I noticed that Tiffany had retrieved a jar of something from the bookcase.

Tiffany brushed her shoulder-length blonde hair back over one ear as she shot a subtle look at the large clock on the wall as she approached the desk. 

The minute hand crept its way towards the three minutes after 9 pm hour mark. Another 42 minutes of this, I thought with lustful anticipation.

I trembled, feeling a heavy fog of silent tension hanging in the air as Tiffany made her way around behind me.

Tiffany moved with the graceful ease of a cougar on the prowl, hips rolling sensuously in her tight black leather sex slave costume as returnedto me, sprawled over the large desk. .

Tiffany approached me from behind. I stood stock still, facing her desk, not sure what would come next.

“you know Mandy,” she said quietly as I felt her hands find their way lightly to my waist, “I think I would like to show you what happens to bad girls who forget their place. Do you want to be trained? Does it excite you? Did you come here tonight wanting to be taught a lesson?”

“yes, please, yes train me, make me your good girl. Let me be your fuck toy. Anything. Everything. . Wahtever you want Misstress.” I pleaded.

Despite my denial that I was not in control, the sopping wet love hole on my back side revealed the truth.  Tiffany’s fingers travelled up my inner thighs, finding the tell-tale abundance of coconut cream I had inserted into my ass to prepare for anything this evening as it started to leak out of my CD pussy in the excitement of the moment.  Red, puffy and welted the ring of my gaping ass was now.

Her fingers slowly slid into my ass and quickly withdrew, her hand reaching over my shoulder to bring the slimy digits into view. She rubbed her glistening fingers together, demonstrating their liberal coating of my CD lubrication. I blushed, caught in my obvious lustful state.

She issued a quiet chuckle under her breath. My pulse quickened as I braced myself to hear the command I knew, somehow knew, was coming. “Open wide for your Misstress.”  She instructed. My flush of shame flared to a more intense shade of crimson, the air-conditioned office suddenly feeling uncomfortably warm. Her tone was calm, but I immediately complied without question, The chemical mind control substance flowing freely in my body now, forcing me to obey.


My wet CD pussy now blinked with anticipation. 

Her hands found their way once more to my now naked hips. Goosebumps rose on my bare skin as the tips of her fingers trailed downward, lightly raking her red, manicured nails over the rounded cheeks of my firm little ass. Her digits slid intimately into the crack of my ass , secure in the knowledge that she was my Misstress tonight. 

“Ummm, that... is... tight,” Tiffany complimented. I brushed my long blonde hair back over one ear in a flirty motion, allowing a shy smile to creep into view. I returned my fingers to my ass cheeks to spread them again and was rewarded.

Applying a more insistent force, she firmly pushed a little deeper inside me, and I moaned in appreciation, but then nothing as she withdrew.

I cringed, reacting to the plastic ‘pop’ of a plastic lid off a small container. The pungent smell of mint washed over me, causing my nostrils to flare. “Please, no... not that...” I begged, knowing she was already dipping two fingers into the jar of athletic heat balm she had just opened.

“Hush,” she responded in a tone that invited no further argument. With a firm hand on my upper back, she directed me into place. The sound of my rapidly-increasing pulse throbbing in my ears, I complied, leaning forward across her desk and spreading my legs as wide as the stillettos would allow. I wobbled unsteadily on my high heels, wishing I could kick them off. But Tiffany would never have allowed that, liking the way they accentuated the posture and firm curve of my ass.

I choked back a mewl of protest, biting my lower lip as Tiffany’s fingers made intimate contact with my CD pussy, spread wide for her and blinking with anticipation. Already I could feel the initial effects of the heat balm -- an initial cooling sensation on the delicate outter tissues of my CD cunt, already inflamed from the whipping. I quivered, knowing from experience  with the substance in different context, that would quickly transform to a blazing heat as the formula set to work on the hyper-sensitive nerve endings of my nether lips.

. I squirmed as she dug deep, burying two gel-coated fingers to the hilt in my CD cunt, twisting and rubbing to ensure a uniform spread of the diabolical lotion. I hissed a sharp intake of breath as the chemical reaction began. A seething heat began to surge to a boil in the interior of my CD fuck hole. I clenched the cheeks of my ass as I felt her fingers withdraw from the velvety sleeve of my Cd pussy.

“Do not even think about touching your clit.” Tiffany hissed as she could see the heat reaction was causing my engorged freed clit to swell to it’s full length and girth. .

I desperately wriggled my hips in a futile effort to poke my clit at the desk as a result of the stimulation of my CD fuck hoel.

My efforts were rewarded by a sharp crack of flesh on flesh as Tiffany’s open hand lashed out and landed a sharp blow on the naked cheek of my rump. Firm, bare skin quivered with the impact. I shrieked, a combination of surprise and actual pain. I bounced on my toes, daring to release my ass cheeks to move them to the new source of my pain in an attempt to rub away the lingering stinging sensation of the slap.

Tiffany’s fingers closed around my hand, pulling it away.

A red blush of shame once again crept up my face, matching the crimson shade that now surely glowed in the outline of her hand on the creamy flesh of my taunt little rear.

“You are such a squirmy little thing,” Tiffany observed

I turned my head, seeking out the clock on the wall. Only 9:10. I shuddered. 35 more minutes of Tiffany’s undivided attention held almost unlimited potential for abuse and humiliation, but I seemed to want more, crave more. .

tiffany caught my sideways glance as she approached. “Oh, don’t you worry, Mandy,” she assured me. “I’m sure we’ll have plenty of time to get you trained for Ashley before she returns.” Defeated, but secretly getting more and more aroused, I changed my position so that I was bent over the desk, grasping at the far edges of the marble top with both hands with a secure grip.

Tiffany once again picked up the athletic heat balm, scooping out another liberal glob with a pair of elegant fingers. The earlier application of the balm into the depths of my CD pussy was just beginning to come into its own, every nerve receptor in my now juicy tight ass hole throbbing like a live electrical wire. Tiffany gave a ‘tsk’ of disapproval, as I tried to clinch my ass hole closed.

“Mandy, you continue to test me,” tiffany warned. Another firm swat landed on my rear, a reward for my impertinence. This was followed by another, even more intense. I squealed in protest as my ass jiggled in response to the punishment. I felt my ass hole twitch, the heating balm continuing to work its heating magic.

With her free hand, Tiffany tugged my clit a little just to feel it’s heat, and electric sensations errupted on my clit shaft with her touch.

“Maybe I should give your clit a little attention? Tiffany mused. â€œwould you like that?” 

I said nothing as I knew she still had a handful of the heat balm in her right hand.

“Yes, let’s give your big clit a nice, long pull.” She said, drawing out the word “pull” as she encircled my clit shaft with the balm ladened gue. She formed a ring with her figners, grabbed my smooth clit sack, and slowly stroked the full length of my clit with the heat balm, making sure to evenly coat the sensitive flesh.

The initial cool sentation was immediately followed by mind numbing pain and I nearly collapsed on the desk. I found the nipple clamps dig further into my transfer pad connected flesh and this woke me up from my momentary weakness. I resumed my position, heels down, legs straight and back arched, holding onto the far side of the desk like a shipwreck survivor clinging to the only piece of wreckage.

My fears were realized further as Tiffany’s free hand tugged at the firm cheeks of my ass, spreading my crack open.. The tips of her other fingers -- thick with the gelatinous coating of heat balm freshly dipped into the jar -- zeroed in on the tightly clenched little pucker of my ass hole. I flinched, feeling the touch of her digits on the soft, crinkled flesh of my rear portal again.

The initial cooling effect of the added layer of heat balm took hold, causing me to rise up on my toes in a futile attempt to escape the chilling sensation, balanced against the searing heat on my now massive clit.

Tiffany paused. I could sense her patience wearing thin. I obediently settled back into position and spread my legs into a wider stance in an effort to appease her. Stimulated by the chemical reaction of the lotion -- as well as Tiffany’s gently probing fingertips -- I felt the snug little pucker of my rectum begin to tremble, but open wide for her.

Tiffany’s left hand more insistently spread my butt cheeks, spreading me further. The tight ring of my anus responded, pulsing in and out in a series of muscular contractions. She took this as an open invitation, applying steadily increasing pressure with her fingers beginning to drill inside me. My head came up off the top of the desk with a gasp. Two stiffened fingers plunged their way into the steamy tunnel of my ass, stuffing a generous glob of heat balm in hard and deep. I hissed through my teeth, feeling the cooling action spread as Tiffany worked her fingers, twisting and thrusting, sheathing her twin digits full-depth in the clutching embrace of my tight little CD fuck hole.

The new layer of heat balm took hold, igniting an inferno of sensation in the incredibly tender tissues of my bowels. I howled -- heedless of how the sound might carry beyond her office -- clenching my ass cheeks and raising up on my toes in a uselessly desperate bid to escape the blistering sensation. Tiffany’s fingers slipped from my ass, leaving the little rear portal puckering frantically open and closed in a rapid series of spasms.

She delicately stroked my inner thights and lower ass as she admired the chemical inferno she had created inside and out of my ass.

Tiffany gave me a soft pat on the rump as she stepped away. I whimpered, squirming as the over-stimulated nerves in both my CD cunt and swelling clit throbbed in response to the chemically fueled surges of heat. I bit my lower lip, only partially managing to choke back yet another cry. I desperately wanted the sensation to end, and yet a more primitive part of my mind rebelled, savoring the incredible sense of stimulation. But regardless of my wishes, I knew from the chemical mind control substance flowing within me that the blazing, sensual itch of the heat balm formula in my little love tunnel was only just beginning, and could take up to an hour to fully run its course. I glanced once more at the clock. 9:17 -- a scant few minutes since the last time I had checked.

Tiffany now returned, having retrieved a familiar box from the closet in her office. She pulled back the lid, proudly displaying the contents. I notices a pair of slick, silicon gloves and saw that she was pulling them out to put on.

I flashed to a mental image of her slapping on the gloves like she was going into surgery, and then snapped back to the moment. What was she going to do? I puzzled in my barely conscious daze.

She rummaged, and then proudly pulled out her choice of toys to complement the occasion.

I groaned, my eyes going wide in distress as I viewed Tiffany’s idea of our next step together in my training. It was a monstrous dildo, crafted of a shiny black rubber. Fourteen inches in length, it sported a huge penis-shaped head, two inches in diameter. Below that, the shaft of the cock tapered, dropping to a merciful inch or so in thickness. But that reprieve was short-lived as the size then once again began to enlarge. A series of ringed ridges, ever increasing in diameter, built their way towards the base. At its most extreme, the far end of the rubbery prick measured an alarming three inches across. A series of small bumps and soft rubbery bristles studded the length of the shaft, presumably emblazoned on the original packaging as being “for her pleasure.” I found myself doubting the truth in advertising.

“Yes, I think this will do nicely,” Tiffany pronounced with a satisfied tone. My vote in the matter had apparently fallen short of the ballot box. She set the cardboard container on the floor and placed the massive rubber cock down on the desk with a heavy thump, a few inches in front of my face. She stepped away, leaving the dildo and I an opportunity to get visually acquainted.

Tiffy’s fingers announced their presence on my hips, sneaking their way down into the crease of my hips and thighs My hips wriggled, the burning sensation of the heat balm now fully ignited on the suffering nerves within my quivering CD cunt and CD clit. The muscles in my naked inner thighs twitched.

She tugged my thighs apart a little more, pushed down on the lower park of my back, and pulled a fist full of my hair to lift my head. 

“this is your position until further notice. Got it?” Tiffany barked in a new, more stern tone. 

I just nodded my head, and gripped the table top.

She flexed her fingers, opening and closing them into a fist with the heat balm glistening on her gloved hand. . Then she favored me with a charming smile. I groaned and shut my eyes, not even wanting to know what she had in mind.

She took a step closer to me from behind. Her free hand pressed down on my lower back. I submissively complied, arching my spine downward to roll my hips into a more upward orientation. My head up like my hair was being pulled, just as she demaned. I felt like the Cobra yoga position and focused on that until I felt it.  My firm little rump jutted out, my moist, glistening CD pussy proudly on display between my open thighs.

Her hands glistened in contrast to my tan, well-toned legs. Her hand trailed slowly up my naked inner thighs, . Her fingers slid easily higher, lubricated by the steady trickle of CD lubricant now coming from my flaming ass hole.

Exploring digits -- wrapped in silicon and lube, found my CD pussy, open and eager. Two fingers pressed inside, a wet squelch sounding as I took her with a grunt of animalistic pleasure. Slowly she twisted, buried to the third knuckle. Despite myself, my hips rolled gently, rocking in time with her rhythmic motion.

Her fingers withdrew. I whimpered with longing. The fingers returned -- three this time -- forcing their way into the sweltering depths of my CDE twat. I clenched my teeth, feeling the strain as Tiffany’s fingers stretched me. “There’s my tight little slut,” tiffany cooed as I moaned.

“Do you want more, Mandy ?” Tiffany breathed, her voice taking on a slightly ragged edge. I couldn’t even understand how she could ask. My CD pussy was straining at its very limits, clenched down tight in a trembling grip around her three embedded digits. Panting in a state of growing distress, I knew that anything more than this would be an absolute impossibility. I nodded, squirming my hips and begging her for more, not even sure why.

Three fingers slipped from my CD cunt, the glove wrapped digits dragging a deluge of creamy CD cunt butter with them in retreat. Her fingers returned, now all five of them, pressed together into a group, twisting back and forth as slow, inevitable progress was made on their insertion. I cried out, my breath coming in quick, desperate heaves as I felt the gateway to my ass hole spasm in protest at the incredible stretching sensation.

Tiffany paused, slowly twisting. I gathered my courage and then nodded, ready to continue.

Tiffany’s other hand reached up, her fingers intertwining themselves gently with the long curls of my blonde hair. She pulled back, causing me to shriek in protest as she used her grip for extra leverage. I rose up on my toes, muscles in my thighs and ass clenching tightly in subconscious response. A prolonged squeal escaped my lips as stars exploded across my vision. An incredible straining sensation flared through the lips of my CD cunt, enhanced to an exquisite level of pain by the over-stimulated nerves enraged by the heat balm. Suddenly there was a feeling of being ass -punched, followed by an amazing sensation of satisfying fullness. I panted like a bitch in heat.

tiffany  paused, granting me a moment to stretch and adjust to the CD fuck tunnel-stuffing sensation. Slowly she pulled back and I felt the straining lips of my cute little CD fuck hole distend outward. Then my CD pussy bulged, clenching down tight. I gasped. “Did... did you?” I stammered.

Tiffany  replied with a girlish giggle of delight. “That’s right, Mandy , that’s my entire fist you’re feeling.” My mind reeled in a dizzying spin. This was uncharted territory, even for my wicked imagination. Gently she twisted her arm, wrenching her gloved-wrapped fist in a heavenly rotation inside my steamy CD twat. Then she eased herself deeper, pressing past her wrist and forcing the ring of my ass hole into an obscenely stretched oval, clutching desperately at the middle of her forearm. She pulled back, a wet sucking sound filling the room as I sobbed with ecstasy.

She forced herself back in, deeper still, ignoring my blubbering protests that I was stuffed beyond my limit. She flexed her fingers, up in the far reaches of my CD fuck tunnel, before closing back down into a fist and pulling back on a lengthy outstroke. The incredible sensation of burning friction in my over-stimulated CD fuck hole was nearly overwhelming. My fingers clawed at the top of her desk, skittering in mindless patterns across the polished marble.

A whimper escaped me.

The retreating bulge of her hand reached the quivering embrace of my O ring, causing them to flare outward as they strained to retain its grasp on Tiffany’s, CD cunt-fucking fist. I cried out, begging her to relent, but she showed no mercy.

I grunted as her clenched fist completely withdrew from my ass hole. I had but scant seconds to ponder my fate, before she reversed her motion, thrusting her hand back into the quivering cavern of my CD twat and sinking herself just short of elbow deep in my burning ass tunnel.

. I gasped, feeling my hips begin to swivel in response. She rotated her fist, left then right, a circular grinding motion that caused an irresistible shudder to arise from deep within the far depths of my inflamed stretched CD pussy.

She pulled back and fully out, ample lubrication from my CD twat now glistening along the length of her gloved arm. My ass hole gaped, opening easier this time as it flared to allow the passage of her fist. My CD pussy was an open grotto, a fleshy cavern in desperate need of filling. Tiffany  rewarded me with a hard thrust, driving her fist in deep. My hips bucked, meeting her halfway. I felt the crook of her arm snug up tight in the crack of my ass as she buried her sensuous fist elbow-deep in my ass. The mental image sent me over the edge. I howled with lust, the fleshy folds of my profanely overstretched CD fuck tunnel exploding into a spasm. I shrieked, mindlessly cycling my hips in a frenzy of motion, fucking myself onto tiffany’s arm.

The orgasmic convulsions in my ass reached a fevered pitch and I flailed out of control. Only tiffany’s fist securely embedded in my frantically clutching CD cunt kept me from slipping off the desk and onto the floor in a quivering heap of wrung out pleasure. Tiffany  twisted her wrist, back and forth in a seemingly tireless motion, launching me into second orgasmic fit just as the first was beginning to fade. My sides heaving in desperation I moaned like a whore and felt a violent tremor shiver through my entire body, spreading from the core of my CD cunt and spreading to all extremities until even my vision began to fade to grey.

After a few moments I regained my senses, hearing only the sound of my desperate panting for breath. I felt a vague stretching sensation, realizing that it was tiffany’s loving fist slipping from the cavernous fuck slot of my CD cunt. “Oops,” she intoned. I slowly turned my head, gazing back at her with glazed, unfocused eyes. She wore a curious expression, glancing from her bare hand, to my loins, and then back at her hand. “I think you might need some more lubrication.” she admitted. I moaned as she dipped her gloved hand into the jar of heat balm, and then with her fingers almost dripping with the torture treatment, slipped her hand back inside me, carefully prospecting the depths of my CD fuck tunnel to see how far she could go.

Several more thrusts and then I heard the words I yearned for, but not sure why>

“I think you are ready for me now.” She said.

I looked back and she was fingering the sides of her gaf to pull it down. When she started, I was mesmermized on her clit. She had tucked it inside herself and when the gaf was removed, she did not immediately pop out. Only after she stroked her clit area did her love muscle appear. It was long and slender at first, but grew, swelled, and expanded until it was its largest self. An 11 inch monster with a narrow tip but wide base.

“you ready baby?” She asked.

Unconsciously, I said, yes, yes, p p p please fuck me with your clit, your lovely, massive clit.” My outter body experience now complete, I was looking down on us, my body sprawled over the desk, ass up in the air, legs straight, hands pulling apart my ass cheeks to invigte her, and her standing between my legts, slowly stroking her python of a clit.

I herd her unwrap a condom . Sad I thought, but it was to protect her clit from the heat balm which was searing my ass hole and clit at the moment in the height of its chemical heating power.

“Ah, good girl, open up wide for me.” She purred as I feld her grab my hips and lean in closer.

With a whimper of anticipation I reached with fumbling fingers to eagerly grasp her huge clit from the crack of my ass where she had rested it. Wordlessly I guided the monstrous clit back behind me, allowing it to slip into my gaping asshole.

Tiffany  pushed forward, the massive clit connected to me horizontally with the head just inside my gaping ass. 

In a slow, steady rhythm, Tiffany began thrusting back and forth. Ominously thick and heavy. My breathing came in short, eager gasps, waiting for that first plunge of intimate contact. My eyes went wide, seeing my tiffany  once again reach for the dreaded jar of heating balm and retrieve an oozing glob of the wicked substance on her fingers. She liberally coated the condom covered shaft of her clit and I watched a smile curl the corner of her lips. 

Then -- the gigantic pink shaft of her clit glistening with a thick coating of the gel -- she stepped closer to me. I had to admit to a trembling shudder of lustful eagerness as I felt the huge slippery clit fit itself perfectly into the cute little dimple of my ass hole . My hole was pulsating in anticipation and she could feel it.

Tiffany  held the length of her shaft of her clit to make sure it plunged straight and true. steadily increasing the pressure. I gripped the sides of the wooden desktop with both hands, my knuckles turning white with the strain.

Tiffany  pushed and I gritted my teeth, feeling my tight little anus offer valiant resistance. Again I dared to indulge in a minor bit of rebellious behavior, clenching my muscular little sphincter down tight, resisting her insertion. Her clit almost bowing in response to the pressure. Her hips bucked forward as the shimmering round tip slipped free of the dimple of my ass, riding up the cleft of my rump cheeks and onto my lower back. I savored the minor victory, knowing Tiffany  did not care for being thwarted. She stepped back into position behind me, pressing one hand down on my lower back as she fisted the massive clit with the other. I knew there would be no escape this time. She maneuvered the rounded head of her clit once more against the sweet little pucker of my anus.

I clenched again, but this time Tiffany  was wise to my antics. She thrust hard, lunging forward with her hips. I squealed, feeling my tightly clenched anal ring forcibly pried open by the rapidly flaring girth of the huge clit. It would have gone much easier on me had I simply been compliant. Tears trailed down my cheeks as my tortured little anus yielded to the irresistible force. I took her with a grunt, feeling the widest part of her massive shaft plow past my quivering anal ring

I could feel her clit sack resting against mine as the white hot pain from my nipples joined the searing pain of my stretched ass hole

She was deep, as deep as when she fisted me to her elbow and I then knoew why she prepped me.   This was going to be a submission session and she did not want to actually hurt me.

She just rested there for a moment, giving me a moment to  thankfully get used to her 3 inch girth at the base. I could feel her finger my upper torso, lean over and rest her clipped nipples on my back. She just rested there, saying “Good girl, good girl.” Over and over as I wept with the pain, the warm, luxuriously throbbing pain which was quickly turning to pleasure.   She just rested there, clipped nipples tickling my back and making short, loving in and out thrusts as I gaped more and more for her.

My puckered little rectal rosebud quivered and then sealed itself down in a loving embrace of the thickest part of her shaft, only to be stimulated into arousal with her short thrusts. . , I could not concede just yet, however.

I squeezed down with the muscles in my bowels, instinctively trying to expel the invasive python of a clit, but Tiffany realized I was resisting and as she lifted up, she grabbed my hips for leverage and with a lunge of her hips, several inches of the balm coated shaft were thrust further into my ass until she knew she had bottomed out.

. I howled in protest, trying to squirm away from her. Tiffany  forcibly pressed down on my lower back, pinning me to the desk. I whimpered in submission, feeling my hips roll sensuously of their own volition.  I made small circles with my hips which had the effect of driving her clit deeper and deeper into me. It was my fantasy to be fucked like this, like an animal in full submission, and I felt the beginnings of an orgasm creep into my being.

Tiffany  stroked back as I clenched my jaw, feeling the intense burning friction erupt inside my ass. My taunt little ass ring strained as her clit head threatened to withdraw. A powerful lunge of her hips hammered nearly the entire length of the monstrous clit back into my ass. I wailed in protest, feeling my bowels stretched to the limits as the flaring girth of the clit made its true dimensions known.

“Please... no more,” I begged. Tiffany  laughed, drawing back again in preparation for another ass-plundering stroke. Her muscles tensed, the vibrations transmitted down the length of the clit shaft to transmit the thick, hard base into me, stretching me, making me begin to moan.

“Tell me my fuck toy. What do you want?” Tiffany said with an athletic exhale as this was becoming a workout for her as well.

The mind control chemicals took full effect now and I uttered in a foreign voice: “Fuck me Misstress. Drill me. Turn my tight fuck hole into a willing, submissive pleasure tunnel for you. Stroke me, let me feel your sack press deep. Ah, yes, like that. Deeper, harder. Fuck me, fuck me Misstrress. I am all yours, take me.” Train me. Turn me into your willing sex slave. Anything, you want. P p please use use.

Me. Drill me in my tight hole.”

In response to my pleading, Tiffany  gave a powerful lunge. The thick, round head of her clit plowed into new territory in the depths of my colon as my tight little rectal portal stretched obscenely around her ever increasing thickness of her clit. Panting with desperation, I knew for certain that I had taken every last inch of the massive clit and I began to uncontrollably moan in as spasms of pleasure washed over me.   I was cumming and yet my clit was soft. A non-ejaculatory orgasm gripped my entire body.

Tiffany sensed my orgasm and started yelling: “Bad girl, bad girl. You do, not cum, until, told, to, do so.” She said as she punctuated each word with a bottoming out thrust of her clit into me, past my inner sphincter which was opening up for her wide now. She slammed into me and I just kep on cuming, and cuming with loud screams of ecstasy spilling out of my lips.

My moans of increasing pleasure must have had an unintended effect on tiffany as she said, “no, no, you, will, not, make, me, cum, you will fuck toy.” She spat out amidst her own orgasmic spasms, thrusting deep with each word.

Despite her attempts to hold back, she let loose and hollered out an orgasmic scream which surely the lower floors could hear. For an entire minute she pumped her cum into the condom around her shaft buried deep in my ass. She did not stop for severl minutes, just continuing to thrust in and out until I could feel her clit softening just a bit, until it became so soft that it popped out.

“you little slut. Now look at what you made me do? I came way too soon. “ She was panting and resting on my back now as we both just laid there on the desk, quivering from the massive orgasms.

After what seemed like forever, I felt her lift up and withdraw. I felt my ass gape like it had never gaped before. She could have fisted me right then and there with little resistance, and I thought she might be thinking that as she pushed off on my ass cheeks to lift up and push back.

Surely the worst part of my training was now over, but I had forgotten about the toy.

I weakly lloked back and noticed that Tiffany was stepping into the massive inch long strap on dildo attached to the harness. She was careful to not snag her high heels as she stepped into the harness and I was amazed at her professional demeaner, having just achieve a large orgasm.

Before she buckled the arm size dildo into place, she reached down and with a smile on her lips, touched the condom on her clit.

“What do you say, my little fuck toy? What do you want now in your cute mouth?” tiffnay softly hissed out these words as this was her favorite part of the routine. 

“Misstress, please feed me. Please let me eat your cum. Let me be your cum slut, P p please, let me have all you wish to feed me.” I was in another outer body experience saying these words, but I became aroused again as I watched her pull off her condom.  What a sight she was.  Musculur, svelt, glistening with sweat from her workout and orgasm, long clit hanging between her legs, an dhow holding a condom full of her seed.

“Kneal down here bitch.” She commanded and I immediately flipped over and knelt down. It was an odd sensation as my ass was now gaping even more underneath me with the heating balm lubricant oozing out of me, my clit hard and erect and a yearning within me. I assumed the position with my ass on my heels, hands behind my back head bowed and tits up and out.

Tiffany used one hand to cup my chin and raise my face up. â€œNow beg like a good girl.” She said.

I felt my mouth water in anticipation of the taste o of her cum, and I felt myself say “P p please, may I have your cum. May I lick your clit dry, please, please feed it to me.”

Tiffany holding my chin with her left hand, held up the large condom with her right hand and let the contents drip out. 

“Extend your tongue, tilt your head back. Take it like a true cum slut.” Tiffany said as she began to coat my tongue with her cum. 

I lapped up the cum as it dribbled out of the condom and eagerly extended my tongue for the next drop. This went on for 60 seconds with me savoring the salty, sour tingling sensation on my tongue. She then squeezed the condom to empty all of the contents onto my tongue which I let drip into my mouth, never withdrawing my tongue. Lastly, she fit the condum over my tongue and whisptered in my ear to start sucking so I could get every last drop. I complied and felt another small amount of cum ooze into my mouth from the sucking vaccum effect of my mouth.

Once the condom was empty, she positioned herself over me and slowly inserted her deflated, but long clit shaft into my waiting, eager mouth. This I had been waiting for and when the first taste of cum from her clit head hit my lips, I was in heaven. I sucked and tongued her shaft hands free until I was certain that I had sucked out every last drop of her cum.

“you ready for more baby?” tiffany said as I watched her finish the buckling of the massive dildo into place around her hips.  The dildo was hollow and I watched with amazement at how she slid her thin, now slightly aroused clit into the cylinder of the dildo shaft.

“yes Misstress. Whatever you wish Misstress.” 

She then pulled on my nipple chains to lift me on my feet. More searing pain shot through me, but it was warmer now, more velvety, more arousing. I stood quickly and she guided me back over to the desk.  Pushing me face down again on the desk, she said: “Hold on, this will be fun.”

I noticed that she had a jar of real anal lube this time and was applying it to the massive shaft of the dildo. With no warning, no ceremony, she fisted the head of the dildo into my still gaping asshole and started a rhythmic thrusting pattern. More gentle then when she was fucking me with her own clit, and I was grateful.   Her hands were loveingly caressing my hips as she drove the dildo into me, inching it deeper and deeper with each thrust. 

“good girl, good girl” I could hear her say as my mind submitted to the anal drilling.

Occasionally, she would surge forward to insert several additional inches of her thundering dildo into previously virgin depths of my bowels. The ring of my sphincter puckered in a frantic spasm, desperate to somehow escape the impossible stretching it was experiencing. The dildo was much longer and thicker than her actual clit, and while I was gaping, now, I had never thought I could take the girth of the dildo. She would pause every once in a while to apply more anal lube to the exposed shaft, and for that I was grateful.

The nipple clips were becoming more and more noticeable to me as the thrusting in my ass started a deep, sensual feeling  within me, a building orgasm the likes of which I had never experienced before. I felt myself pushing my tits into the desk more to increase the sensation on my nipples and found my clit beginning to swell again.

Somehow, I felt that the dildo was getting thicker and realized that Tiffany’s clit must be swelling, increasing the thickness of the hollow dildo.

Tiffany noticed that I was moaning again, and then I felt the massive cock pull back, breathing a shuddering sigh of relief as the incredible girth diminished along its retreating length. Both of Tiffany’s hands grasped firmly onto my hips and I whimpered in anticipation. The breath was knocked from my lungs as Tiffany  thrust, powerful gym-toned muscles in her body working in conjunction to once more drill the rubber cock deep into the steamy depths of my quivering CD fuck tunnel.

I felt her weight on top of me, resting on my back as she panted in the aftermath of her effort. I felt the tickle of the harness in the crack of my ass and I knew that she was finally fully hilted. I moaned, lovingly grinding my ass against her crotch, feeling the rounded cheeks of my naked ass pressed flat against her. The timing of my ragged breathing matched to hers, our bodies synchronizing, seeming to merge into a single ass-fucking creature.  I felt her begin to tense up and it seemd to coincide with my arousal. Could I make her cum again

‘ I increased the circling motion fo my hips to give her clit more sensation inside the didlo and I felt her tense up and dig her fingernails into my shoulders as she gripped hard to thrust deeper.

“Oh, My, god, you are good.” Tiffany yelled as she slammed into me as her orgasm washed over her entire body.

Just then, I jerked in shock as the phone on the desk suddenly buzzed, a red light on its panel beginning to blink in a slow, steady rhythm. Tiffany  looked up. “Could you get that for me, Mandy ?” she requested calmly. With clumsy fingers I clutched my way across the desktop, nervously knocking papers onto the floor as the phone buzzed insistently for the second time. My fingers fumbled across the number pad, finally finding and stabbing awkwardly once, and then again, to engage the speaker phone.

“Tiffany, are you ready for me?  Is mandy property prepared?” Ashley said in a soft, stedy voice in stark contrast to the panting going on over the desk.

“yes, Misstress.” Tiffany said as she continued thrusting the dildo into me, savoring the sensation with long, deep strokes, forcing guttural moans from with with every thrust.

“Yes, I would say her training is going well.” Tiffany then started slapping her thighs against my bare ass cheeks as she drilled me into another non-ejaculatory orgasm. With Ashley listening in, I begged for more as I rode the orgasmic wave as long as I could. 

“Good girl tiffany.” I would be done in 2 minutes and will be right in” Ashley then disconnected the line.

I looked back and noticed that the clock on the wall rad 9:43 pm. WOW, I thought. How much more can I take. Right then, tiffany slowly withdrew the entire 14 inches from my ass and then slapped my right ass cheek. â€œYou are an amazing fuck. My Misstress is going to have fun with you tonight.” 

What was next. Tiffany pulled back, slipped out of the harness, put things way in a cloth bag for washing and looked over to me.

Not just yet, fuck toy.” As she noticed I was pushing myself off the desk. â€œBack down you go.” As I felt her push down on my lower back.

Tiffany then reached into the box of toys she had previously pulled down from the shelf and found a large, bulbous anal plug. â€œThis should work” she said as she located the anal lube again.

With her hand firmly pressing my back into the desk, she told me to spread for her and I did. My ass hole was gaping, but even still, the softball size anal plug took a full 60 seconds of coaxing and intense pressure to insert. 

“Push back babe, it will be easier.” Tiffany said as she moved her arm to get better leverage to push the plug inside of my ass. I felt my anal ring  stretch beyond all limits and almost experienced another orgasm as my anal ring snugg comfortably around the base of the massive bulb connected to the preventor . 

I finally felt the loving pat of Tifany’s hand on my ass. â€œYou really are a good girl. I hope you come back soon. For now, get up, clean yourself up, touch up your make up, put your panties on, tuck your clit away and get on your knees over by the fire to assume your slave position for Ashley.” 

Without any protest, I found my panties, wiggled them up my long, tan muscular legs  and bent over to tuck my softening clit into place.

I quickly found my dress, but Tiffany slapped it out of my hands. 

“Just panties, bra, thigh highs, heels, your coller,  and  a smile, please.” Tiffany commanded, but in a more loving tone. She walked over to me, held my face in her hands and gave me one of the most passionate, sweetest kisses I have ever experienced. 

“I might just be in love with you, you beautiful fuck toy. Don’t ask me how as I never get involved with Ashley’s slaves, but I am going to make an exception with you. I will contact you tomorrow and we will work out an arrangement to meet again, maybe on more even terms as I, too, love a good fucking and I noticed that you have just the right size clit to stretch me. “ Tiffany looked into my eyes, winked, and then looked over to the rug in front of the fire place. Get over there now and assume the position or we will both be in trouble.

I scurried over to the fireplace, making sure to keep my knees together and knelt down with hands behind my back, tits up and out, nipples clentched with the clips, , head bowed, just as Ashley walked through the automatic doors.

If you want to hear the rest of the story  of how of how  Mandy’s first date with Ashley concludes, send me a PM and ask me to finish my story. Kiss, kiss.

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