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The Adventures of Mandy Love: Chaptger 5: Mandy Goes Shopping.

Posted: 8 months ago - Jul 28, 2022

The Adventures of Mandy Love: Chapter 5: mandy goes Shopping.

So, there I was, a demure-looking schoolgirl in my Halloween costume, pretty as a picture in my uniform of navy blue unbuttoned cardigan, matching pleated skirt, white knee socks, crisply-ironed white shirt, and striped tie – underneath all of which was a frustrated lesbian lipstick M2F CD sister slut just begging to be let loose.

With the fabulous make up artistry I had arranged for the day, I nicely looked well under my age, with my open features and slightly snub nose. My eyes are a clear grey, and my hair – light brunette which I streak with a little blonde coloring – falls straight from a single center parting to hang below my shoulders, where it ends in slight curls and twists. My figure is slim at the hips, with full DD natural looking breast forms which accentuate my hourglass figure. There is more curve to my ass which juts out alluringly.

My misleading look of innocent purity in the costume was completed by the modest plain white bra I was wearing underneath, but my tight, tiny leather gaff certainly would give me away to anyone who might see it.

It was late in the afternoon on the day of the Halloween party, and I was boldly browsing the women’s clothes in our town’s largest department store located next to the makeover cosmetic shop which had done my make up for the party.

. I was enjoying looking at the ‘little black dress’ selection, inspecting one or two, and fantasizing about having them unzipped and peeled away from my body by someone really sexy – like, say, Ashley, a close CD friend from a nearby town, who was a busty good-looking CD sister in her late 20s who I had a real crush upon, but who was just too far away to visit. 

At that time of day, the store was not very busy, and I couldn’t help noticing a woman who was also checking out similar racks of dresses. She looked to be in her late twenties, and was smart and attractive. She was stylishly but simply dressed, wearing a classic style of short black dress, low-backed with single spaghetti straps, that contrasted with a plain white short-sleeve top. On her feet were pointed-toe black heels, her slim legs were encased in plain black panty-hose or hold-ups, and she was carrying a largish black handbag. Her hair was blonde (but from a bottle, not natural), of similar shape and length to my own, but somehow more adult in cut. I saw from the corner of my eye that she had a good figure: slender waist, nice, neat ass, and the rounded swell of medium-sized shapely breasts. From the way she carried herself, the size of her muscular arms, the choker she worn around her neck, the slightly larger mound between her legs, I knew, just knew that she was another fabulous looking M2F CD sister, and my excitement grew about the possibility of meeting her today, of all days, the day I was going to my first Halloween party in full dress, make up, faux hair and stylish stilettos.  

In the natural way of things, our glances met a few times, and on the third occasion she smiled at me – and so I smiled rather shyly in return. It was enough of a bridge for an opening gambit, and she moved a couple of feet nearer to stand beside me, apparently interested in the same black party dresses. She made a casual remark – I have no recollection now of what it was – and I replied, and we chatted for a moment or two in the inconsequential way of passing strangers. However, I couldn’t help feeling that she was appraising me in some way, and certainly her eyes ran a couple of times up and down my body, and a slight gleam came into her eyes. That might have been because I was checking her out as well – and, trying to play the part of a young girl who was feigning inexperience, , was probably rather more obvious about it.

After a moment, she said something like: ‘Well, I shouldn’t keep you – you’re such a pretty girl, I’m sure you’ve got a boyfriend waiting for you somewhere!’

‘Oh, no!’ I assured her, with vigorous emphasis, ‘nothing like that, I don’t have a boyfriend’; and then I artlessly added: ‘I’ve got lots of time, really.’

 suppose my subconscious could have made it a little less subtle – like maybe unfurling a huge banner proclaiming ‘fuck me, fuck me, fuck me’.

The woman had an attractive smile, which warmed my stomach and loosened my hips. She turned aside (letting my eyes fall on the profile of her bust – nice, oh very nice!). She must have had similar DD breast forms on which were arranged in a very uplifted, perky posture. I could even make out the hard nipples protruding through what I am sure was a lacy bra, and she caught me staring at her breasts. She smiled a devilish smile.

She picked up the dress that she had been looking at a few minutes before. She held it up, and said:

‘I think this would look good on you – you have such a nice figure.’

I was flattered and thrilled, blushing, and mumbling back something inane like: ‘Oh, really? Do you think so?’

‘Mmm, yes!’ she said, and followed with a certain emphasis: ‘I’m quite sure – I know what I like’. Obviously, the school girl uniform costume was having its intended effect on this vixen.

Without saying anything more, she held the dress against my body, her hands lingering far longer than could ever have been necessary in an innocent encounter. Seeing that I made no complaint or resistance, her touch became firmer and bolder, cupping and stroking my faux breasts through the three layers of thin fabric – the black dress, my school shirt, and my soft cotton bra. Her thumb rubbed from side to side across my nipples which were connected to sensation transfer pads, bringing my natural nipples almost instantly to a hard, tingling erectness. 

I believe this was a final test of hers. She felt the permanent erectness of my faux nipples, and new that I was wearing breast forms, but the gleam in her eye and approving look gave me the approval I had sought all day. She thought the breasts looked wonderful in my little outfit, over the top, of course, but not overly so due to the modest bra I was wearing which covered then entirely.

One of her hands smoothed the short sexy dress down over my stomach to my upper thighs, and then pressed in firmly between my legs, pushing against my well tucked CD clit. I gave a gasp, made up of one part surprise, two parts arousal and three parts desire. She slid her hand down my crotch, daringly tracing the tight gaff I was wearing keeping my CD clit in place, but shaped like a woman’s pussy the way I had arranged things.

She  then quickly thrust under my school uniform skirt and cupped my tucked CD clit, made easier by my spreading of my legs. 

The feel of her fingers on my CD clit wrapped back and between my ass cheeks , separated only by the thin layer of my leather gaff, was unbelievably exhilarating. It was such a sexual rush, such a release of my intense longing and desire, that I almost fainted. I moaned softly, hardly able to believe my luck – there was not a shred of doubt that I was being propositioned sexually by my fantasy lover, another cute, lesbian CD sister. At long last, it was happening, and I would gladly give myself without a second’s hesitation.

All the time, whilst she was caressing me, her gaze had been locked on mine, holding me transfixed. In fact, one thing that made her physical advances so arousing was that she did not look at what her hands were doing, confident that they had reached their target and were attaining their mission objectives. My pupils were dilated, my nostrils were flared, my face was flushed and my breathing was coming in short shallow pants – it was clear from this, and my slowly gyrating hips, that I was more than ready to be plucked and fucked. The blonde woman smiled in satisfaction, and said quietly:

‘I want you, come with me – I know where we can go, there’ll be no problem.’

She gave me the black dress to hold, took my other hand in one of hers, and quickly led me through the clothing department to the fitting-rooms in the far corner. They are surprisingly spacious, almost as if they had been designed to allow you to take a friend in with you. Best of all, they did not need to be regulated by a member of staff, because all of the merchandise was electronically security-tagged, and there were also cameras at various places around the store. At such a quiet time, there was no one about to notice us; the blonde woman and I slipped into the end fitting-room together, and she clicked the plywood door closed behind us. I hung the black dress on one of the hooks provided on the wall – both of us knowing that it had nothing to do with why we were there.

I leaned back against the rear wall, my tongue wetting my lips in anticipation, and for a tantalizing moment we just looked at each other, consumed with lipstick CD lesbian lust. Then she stepped closer, undid my school tie, and unbuttoned the shirt, pulling it sideways to expose my chest and my large, DD faux breast which were well affixed to my chest. My tits were encased in a girlish plain white cotton bra, which was part of the costume. She ran her fingertips below the cups, which had an electrifying effect, and then traced around to the nipples. With a deft movement, she scooped both of my tits out of their bra caps and bent her head to suck on each of them in turn. I gasped with the tingling stimulus of pleasure that resulted from the sensation being transferred to my actual nipples. For just this possibility, I had painted a sweet, peppermint liquid on my faux nipples and her throaty hummm of approval was what I wanted to hear as I could smell her tongue activating the peppermint flavor and aroma on the hard nipples as the sensuous tickle of her blonde hair fell across my shoulders and my upper chest.

In response, I hoisted my skirt up to my hips and thrust my pelvis forward, legs spread slightly apart. The delectable blonde’s hand almost instantly slipped inside my gaff to reach under and through my legs to feel my long, tucked CD clit, now throbbing to be released. Finally, I could not take it anymore and with one hand I pulled the gaff aside to release my CD clit, spreading my legs still wider, with my gaff just pulled to one side .

Her fingers began stroking my CD clit which in just seconds filled to its massive proportions. She teasingly fingered the head of my CD clit, making sure to give attention to the sensitive area just under the head, and she could see that her manipulations were having the intended affect.  My CD clit was rising and falling with each breath, and it was all I could do not to start begging.  

‘Are you a virgin?’ she asked. I immediately realized that she had plans for my CD pussy and was very pleased to have thoroughly cleaned myself down there and inserted a healthy portion of coconut oil into my CD pussy so that it would be slick, sensuous, and inviting.

I replied that it was OK, she could go ahead  and do anything she wanted to do with me, especially since I had prepared for the evening by working a massive 11 inch long, 3 inch wide anal dildo into my CD pussy while I took the hot bath after my cleansing experience to get ready for the makeup session and the Halloween party.

The blonde woman dropped to her haunches, bringing her face level with my Cd clit. She then pulled down my gaff and allowed me to step out of it completely. Using two fingers, she spread my ass cheeks apart and pried open the pink, puckered, rosebud  treasure hole between. Her mouth opened and her tongue extended to start licking my CD clit which was now leaking precum.

After a moment of licking the shaft of my CD clit, her tongue moved up to the top of my slit and licked the precum, and then closed her entire mouth around my head and locked it in place to suck hard. I heard her moan a little as she coaxed out all of the precum from my slit and I could feel her massage my head with her precum coated tongue. It was driving me wild.

While she was beginning to bob her head on my CD clit, her two fingers were pushed deep into my CD pussy and she found little resistance with the coconut oil making it easier for her to probe me .

She then began pumping in and out of my CD pussy, finding my sensitive orgasm spot with each stroke.

Whilst she was doing this, she tucked her own skirt around her hips and thrust her unoccupied hand between her legs, pulling aside her own gaff and freeing her own monster CD clit. She started stroking her Cd clit even faster and more roughly than she was doing to my CD clit with her mouth and other hand. 

We both began to breathe raggedly, to gasp quietly and to start to shudder, building our way to a climax – of what would be, for me, my first orgasm from the ministrations of another CD lesbian, which I considered to be my true loss of virginity.

At that moment, utterly without warning, the fitting-room door was whisked open (Jesus Christ – hadn’t she locked it?!!), and our making-out session was interrupted by the uniformed female store security guard. Her body loomed over the crouching blonde, one hand descending to grip her shoulder. As I stared this astonishing apparition in the face, I emitted a strangled high-pitched shriek – partly of horror at being discovered and exposed.

Most of all, I had been so close to a big orgasm, and it was partly of desperate frustration that I thought to myself. No, no!   It just wasn’t fair

Then, I noticed two unexpected things: the security officer was smiling at me, with hungry desire in her eyes, and the woman blowing my CD clit seemed to be not in the slightest bit surprised or alarmed at this intrusion into our impromptu love-nest.

The guard gave me a wicked grin, and said: ‘I see you’ve met my cute, CD bitch, then?’ She gave a firm and possessive caress to the top of the blonde CD’s head, fortunately not interrupting the bobbing of the latter’s head on my CD clit, and tongue around my CD clit head.

\I noticed that the adrenalin rush had heightened  my sense of arousal, and the blonde’s tongue was still working me into a mounting burst of wild PR orgasmic sensations. 

‘Or, rather, she’s met you, pretty titties, hasn’t she?’ And to my delight, the uniformed guard pulled the booth’s door closed behind her – and locked it.

She reached forward and stroked my faux breasts, taking one of my permanently protruding and stiff nipples between her first and second fingers, and squeezing it firmly. The transfer pad effect sent a new wave of arousal  to my actual nipple which somehow amplified those radiating from my CD clit.

I stared at the security guard, open-mouthed until she leaned closer and kissed me, her warm tongue pushing between my lips and sweeping around my gums like a cavalry charge. She was a handsome natural woman, not a CD,  in her early thirties, a little taller than her CD slave. Her mid-brown hair fell from a center parting in a straight cut that was attractively shaped to frame her face, longer at the front of her neck than at the back. Her warm brown eyes were highlighted by dark make-up, and her full lips were accentuated by a rose pink lipstick which contrasted well with the faint olive tone to her skin – a hint of something Mediterranean, perhaps French, or Italian, in her ancestry. Her uniform added to her authority and charisma; she was outfitted in black boots, a fairly short and tight black skirt, a shirt in light brown or khaki, with a contrasting dark brown tie and uniform cap.

The guard’s hands did not falter in their fondling of my breasts, whilst the blonde woman – her lover, I now understood – increased the tempo of her blow job. Under the combined attentions of the two women (Oh, wonderful, how could I be so lucky! I thought), I soon recovered my nerve, and my body began again to enter the throes of sexual climax. I was less audible now, because the uniformed guard had her mouth mashed against mine, French kissing me vigorously. She had one of my breasts in each hand, stroking, squeezing, and teasing by rubbing the palms of her hands across them and then trapping the tit between two fingers and pulling on it. Down below, the blonde was still giving me the full benefit of her skills with her mouth around my CD clit, every once in a while pushing hard to force my CD clit deep down her throat which seemed to give her great pleasure. The pace and tempo her deep throating, tongue teasing was magic on my clit, as was her manipulations of my CD pussy with what I gathered were now 3 fingers deeply plunging into and out of my tight hole.

I glimpsed down when the guard broke from my lips for a second and noticed that the blonde’s own CD clit was rock hard, and bulging as she was furiously shafting her own CD clit.

My own hands were splayed out against the wall on either side of me, partly to steady myself lest the fireworks exploding in my body and brain should cause me to faint, and partly to brace myself and push my pelvis outwards so that the blonde woman could take my CD clit deeper into her throat

The sensations mounted like a ride on a jerky escalator, but always heading to the top. At last, I reached the crest and plunged over, stunned by the explosive pleasure of my first-ever CD induced full orgasm.

The blonde CD sensed that I was falling over the edge and extracted my CD clit from her throat, locked her lips around my head, sucked hard with her mouth, and took the fingers from my ass to start stroking up and down on my shaft.   I rewarded her with rope after rope of hot, delicious cum shots hitting the back of her throat. Her tongue never stopped flicking the underside of my CD head and she dutifully swallowed each and every cum burst in her mouth.

The uniformed guard produced a tissue from somewhere, and with a practiced make up gentleness, and with solicitude wiped my eyes dry which had formed small tears of joy in them.

The guard murmured ‘there, there, baby doll, you’re just fine now’. Her CD slave gave me some last licks on my CD clit which emerged from her mouth with an audible pop.  She licked her lips and said:

“Mistress, she tastes like a virgin, so lively, so tinglingly, was her cum in my mouth, it is making me very excited. May I please myself Mistress? Please ?” The blonde Cd begged.

“No. Not yet you little slut” The guard said. â€œSome up here and let me taste my new CD slave.”

With that, the blonde CD then rose to her feet and obeyed her Mistress with a kiss, They kissed for a few seconds, savoring the taste of my cum on their tongues.

I noticed the guard and her obviously obedient CD slave briefly exchange a glance and a nod.

The brunette guard turned back to me, and for a moment her hand explored my CD pussy, slipping a finger into me for an inch or so. I gave a sigh of pleasure and tried to spread my legs further apart for her, responses which she noted with an approving smile. She told me that what she intended to do to me would get too noisy for here, and so the blonde and I smoothed down our clothes and followed her across the shop floor, into the lift, and down to the security office in the basement. This was quite a bare room, with two desks and a couple of chairs, some lockers against one wall and, along the other, the most useful thing of all – a sturdy camp bed covered with a large grey blanket.

It became apparent that the blonde woman was not only the security guard’s CD slave, but her lover and live-in partner, but her work colleague as well – in fact, she was the undercover plain-clothes store detective. No wonder that she had the time to cruise the various departments, making casual soundings of the attractive women or pretty and daring CD who she encountered. It was their practice, when either of them spotted someone who they thought might be receptive, for the blonde to start the opening moves whilst the uniformed guard watched through the security cameras. If the blonde CD slave could persuade her prey to come into the fitting room, the guard allowed five minutes for things to get hot and then staged the ‘discovery’.

‘Nearly all of the lipstick CD sisters in this town pass through our hands, at some point or other,’ said the uniformed guard with evident satisfaction. ‘After all,’ she continued, ‘most of the good looking CDs shop here at least sometimes, and we are pretty good at picking out the vibes from the CDs whether they’re fourteen or forty – it’s just something in the way they are looking at the other women, checking them out. The way they carry themselves, and the unmistakable look of the gaff keeping things tucked in.’

‘It’s true’, affirmed the sexy blonde, ‘especially if you watch how they look at a pretty CD chick, or someone with a short skirt or a lot of cleavage showing. I mean, straight women will look too, of course, it’s instinctive to take note of the competition, but us trans girls have a different kind of interest, another way of doing it, with just a special sort of glance – and we are experts at spotting that!’

“Take you , for example. You clearly just had a great make up session next door, and look like you are in a party costume with that little girl school outfit. The moment I saw you, I knew I had you.” She said with a look of lust in her eyes. .

The uniformed guard took up her stance, leaning back against one of the desks, her hips resting against its edge and her feet about a yard apart. The blonde CD gestured me to kneel in front of her post op MTF lover, and I hastened to comply – for it heralded another first, one in many ways I was looking forward to most: my first turn at making love to a post op trans woman, my first taste of female cunt. As I assumed my position, the blonde slowly pulled up the other woman’s uniform skirt, like the lifting of the curtain at the theatre for act one of the play. There came into view a stunning sight, for the brunette had a traditional taste in underwear: her old-fashioned stockings were held up by straps from a lovely garter belt in a soft lilac color, with matching panties that were decorated with sections of black lace. With a sense of wonder, I slipped a finger inside the waistband of her panties at each side, and felt a luxuriant thrill as I slowly drew them down her legs. This revealed to my delighted gaze her protruding and completely shaven pudenda, glistening along its central slit with a sheen of wetness.

The security guard took over the duty of holding up her skirt, as the blonde CD slave transferred her attention to her Mistress’s uniform shirt, unbuttoning it and pulling it back to hang from the shoulders. This revealed the bra that completed her lingerie set, its lilac side panels and cups decorated with black polka-dots, and with the top half of the cups made of the black lace. She had firm constructed breasts, medium-sized but probably at least one cup size larger than those of her blonde CD slave’s faux breasts and that was saying something. 

 Blonde CD slave began to caress these with one hand, whilst with the other she gave an encouraging push on the back of my head, impelling my mouth forward onto her lover’s pussy, and avidly watching everything that I did.

I tried to remember how the woman in all the porn I had watched ate pussy, and did my best to emulate it – an effort which turned out to be pretty good, from both the noises and physical reactions which followed. When I found what I was sure must be the nub of the woman’s clit with my mouth, I sucked and licked it as firmly as possible, and pushed my index finger deep into the vaginal hole, savoring its warm and wet muscular strength. After I had pulled this in and out a dozen or so times, at increasing tempo, she suddenly shouted: ‘Oh, fuck – I’m coming, I’m coming! – yeah, now baby, fuck me now!’ I was electrified, and gasped as her hips juddered violently and sweet juices ran out of her pussy all over my face and hand. I felt wonderful – I had made a trans woman orgasm, and had enjoyed it so much I thought that I had a nonejaculatory orgasm myself when she did.

Finally, they gave me the last step in my initiation into their love triangle– my first ever full penetrations by another woman. The guard removed her skirt and shirt, remaining a true vision of female dominance in her boots, stockings, garter belt and bra, whilst her blonde CD slave stripped down to just her hold-ups and lacy bra. From one of the lockers, the guard produced a massive strap-on dildo, and the guard instructed her CD slave to fastened one onto her.

My eyes bulged at the sight: The CD blonde had a massive CD clit and the trans woman guard had something which should have been on a horse. 14 inches long, a soda can thick at the base, and two large, fixed balls attached.  I noticed that the CD blonde was pouring some Irish cream liquor into the massive strap on which must be capable of squirting.

I did feel a moment of anxiety, but nothing was going to stop me now. I shed everything except my white knee socks and lay down on the camp bed, legs spread open. The guard knelt between my thighs, and with a firm forward push inserted her dildo into my CD pussy which was well prepared for her.

While I was just getting used to the large dildo in my ass, the blonde CD offered her real CD clit to my mouth, and I sucked on it as the brunette began shafting me in the missionary position. I was too inexperienced to be able to hold back my orgasm for long, and within a minute or so my back arched, I thrust my hips into the air, my fists beat on the side of the bed, and I gave an ululating cry of ecstasy as the expert guard was pounding my sensitive orgasmic spot in my ass again and again.

They just continued pumping into and out of me while I came, making sure to hold a little cup around my clit head to capture my spilling seed as it pumped out of me. 

For what seemed like 20 minutes, I was fucked like a whore by these two fabulous girls. At one point, I felt my legs being lifted and put onto the shoulders of the brunette who repositioned herself on the bed. 

“go jewels deep into her throat.” I heard the brunet mistress command of the blonde who immediately shoved her entire CD clit into my mouth, to the back of my throat, and then all the way down. I could not breathe, and this is what the brunette wanted.

Then, with a long sigh, I felt the brunette push harder and inch by inch, I began to take the entire shaft of her strap on dildo into my ass. She encountered some resistance at my inner sphincter , but with a little wiggle of my ass, , I worked the head of her massive plastic cock past my last internal defenses and I was then all hers. The stretching sensation was intense and even with all the coconut oil in my ass, it hurt, really hurt. I would have screamed out when the brunette bottomed out and pressed hard to make sure I could take no more, but the large CD clit deep in my throat prevented any sound from coming out of me.

I just lay there, pinned at both ends, feeling my inner sanctums being violated, taken, forced, until I could feel the brunette’s dildo gently , persistently push her faux balls into my ass. I was in heaven. My fantasy come true, I was being raped by two experienced trans girls , one a CD and one a post op MTF woman, and loved it.

I was stirred back into the moment when I felt the CD clit in my throat withdraw until just the tip was in my mouth. I gasped for air, and then gasped again as the brunette began to withdraw a little and pumped                      back in. She repeated this , pumping motion until I could see that she was about to cum with the motion of the dildo rubbing against her clit. 

“Yes, fuck me. Fuck me Mistress. Make me your little school girl slut. Cum on me. Take me. Oh God, it is sooo good. More please.” I begged.

“Get ready.” The brunette said and the CD blonde knew what to do. 

The CD blonde then began to pump into my mouth with a series of long, careful strokes as she stroked the shaft part of her Cd clit with her right hand. In moments I felt her Cd clit head swell, and then a flood of cum started shooting into my mouth. Stream after stream flowed into my mouth and I swallowed as quickly as I could. The blonde CD was sure not to spill any and before I knew it, I could hear the guard Cumming as she was bucking wildly with the dildo plowing into and out of my ass at a feverish pace.   Just as the blonde’s CD clit began to deflate and the last drops of cum were being milked out of her into my mouth, the brunette withdrew her dildo from my ass and straddled my face with her monster cock.

“Suck it you little slut.” The brunette said.

I felt the blonde’s Cd clit pull out and felt the larger head of the brunette’s cock enter into my mouth. I tasted my ass and then something unusual. The brunette pressed a button on her dildo and I felt shot after shot of Irish cream liquor come out of the slit in the dildo and into my mouth. I drank this nectar eagerly and it must have been an entire glass full before the brunette stopped pumping into and out of my mouth.

It had been amazing and wonderful, but I found that the next stage was even more to my taste. After the brunette pulled out of me, her blonde CD slave got me to roll over onto my hands and knees, my ass thrust up and out at her, inviting her. Begin her to fuck me.

She scratched my back for a moment, very sensuous, , reached under to squeeze my tits again, and then the next thing that I felt was the tip of her large CD clit nudging between my ass cheeks, pointing right at my gaping hole. The blonde took a firm grip at my waist, and with a smooth thrust slid the entire length of her CD clit deep into my well-lubricated hole.

The arousal and eroticism was indescribable, and in this way I discovered my favorite sex position. I squealed with pleasure, and my begging encouragements for her to be harder, faster, and deeper produced the requested result. I felt almost as if I was on the end of a battering ram, and my breaths became strangled gasps and shudders as I was bowled along into the biggest, best, most bone-shaking orgasm of them all. I had not noticed that the brunette had crawled underneath me and when I came, her mouth was positioned to lock around my clit head to suck down my seed. This only made me cum harder.

My cumming made my ass tighter around the blonde CD’s clit and she felt the additional pressure. Within seconds, she came again, with a shuddering orgasm while deep in my ass and just kept stroking into me as she pumped load after load into my ass. When she was finished, she withdrew and called me over to her clit. I knew what she wanted and quickly turned around to catch her clit in my mouth while it was still semi-hard. I milked her shaft to extract the last drops of cum from her and gratefully suck and swallowed all she would give me.

After my orgasm and subsequent suckling of both of the long, tasty shafts, I was weak and exhausted, but deliriously happy. I then heard the guard say, “Now the fun will really begin.”

They pulled me back onto my hands and knees with the blonde CD slave ordered to crawl underneath me so that her clit was right at my mouth again.

“suck her hard again.” I was ordered by the brunette.

I lowered my mouth and lifted the semi-hard clit into the warmth of my mouth. With gentle tonguing and sucking, I coaxed the blonde’s clit back to life and soon, it was rock hard . I enjoyed the sensation of it sliding into and out of my mouth when my trance was broken by the next command.

“Back inside of her you CD bitch,” the brunette barked.

The blonde crawled down and positioned her now hard clit right at the entrance of my gaping love tunnel. She slipped it into me easily, and then I felt some cool liquid begin pored around my asshole

. I was face to face with the cute blonde CD and started kissing her as I felt the head of the brunette’s strap on touch the top entrance to my already filled love hole. I tried to pull back but the blonde snaked her arms around me to hold me down. 


With a tongue in my mouth, unable to protest, I began to feel the brunette push her cock head into my ever tightening ass.  

“Just relax,” she whispered as she pushed harder and harder.

I was panting into the mouth of my blonde CD lover when it happened. The massive head of my new mistress’s strap on dildo cock entered me with the blonde CD’s clit already inside of me. 

I just gave out a long exhale as my Mistress pushed harder and inched the large dildo into me. It Tooke several minutes some additional lube, but after a while, I had relaxed enough to take both shafts in my ass at the same time. 

I was in some sort of trance as both the blonde and brunette began slowly dancing with their shafts inside of me. Moving their hips in a rhythm that allowed them to pump into and out of me. The blonde had cum so many times, she would not come again, but the brunette with her real girl clit, wanted more. She ground her hips into me until I was moaning deeply for her to fuck me. 

The blonde CD just kissed and kissed me. Telling me I was a good girl, telling me to relax, to take the large shafts in my ass, to submit to them, to become their little school girl fuck toy. 

I might have had a couple of minor orgasms as they fucked me for 25 minutes until finally, the brunette came with a thunderous scream and some violent thrusts into my ass.

The brunette pulled out and then the blond CD pulled out, and I wanted to collapse. 

“Don’t move” was the command and I just rested my head on my folded hands, sticking my ass high in the air.

 they told me to stay on my knees, reach around and pull my ass cheeks apart so they could admire their handy work.  I moved my hands down between my legs and pulled apart my ass cheeks revealing a gaping hole. 

With a few spanks on my ass, the brunette said: â€œthat is my good girl.;” You will cum to love being double fucked by us.;”

I just loved the feeling of being wanted so much. I ;would have done anything for them at that point, and did. Over the next month or so, I would dress up in my shy, sexy school girl outfit, go over to their luxurious condo and be systematically fucked in every possible position, double fucked in a variety of positions, forced to swallow down cum load after cum load, and all the while, loving it.

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