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The Adventures of mandy Love: Chapter 4: Submissive Mandy, Part 3, the conclusion.

Posted: 8 months ago - Jul 21, 2022

The Adventures of Mandy Love: Chapter 4: Submissive Mandy, Part 3 the conclusion.

Walking from the downstairs bathroom in the nightclub, I was unusually quiet. The session in the bathroom stall had me reeling a bit as I had no idea of your sexual appetite. I still could taste your cum from what you would tell me later was one of the best clit blow jobs you had ever received, and did excite me to know that some of your cum was still coating my luscious, and now puffy lips like a high gloss lipstick.

With the massive, fist size jeweled plug in my tight ass, I walked with a very deliberate gate up the stairs leading to the dance floor. As I walked up the stairs, I made a point to swing my hips a little with you trailing me. At one point , I paused, just before re-entering the dance floor to adjust my dress, make sure my stockings were straight and brush my thick hair back a little so it fell down my back and around my shoulders. You took the opportunity to pat my ass and hit the remote control button on the anal plug to expand it another half inch in diameter. I froze in place, took a deep breath as I looked back at you and winked. I think this took you by surprise as you expected me to become wobbly kneed again, but I was getting use to the stretching sensation  and after all, I had just taken your fist and most of your arm in my tight ass during a 20 minute fist fuck session, so this sensation just stretching my entrance was now arousing. I almost whispered to you to fuck me right then and there with your massive clit, but decided to just wink.

I am sure you were wondering where this night would lead, but I knew, and you were going to experience something you had never expected and certainly would remember forever.

You were going to experience your first domination session with me, your new submissive sex toy and I was going to pull out of you more kink than you ever thought existed within you. , What you did not know is that I was hatching some kinky plans which were designed to allow me to explore my deep, submissive side, the likes of which should have made you scared. , Little did you know what to expect from the beautiful brunette M2F lipstick CD sister you  had just fist fucked into her third mind blowing orgasm in the bathroom stall, and then treated like your gorgeous sissy slut on her knees sucking your clit into ecstasy. 

I broke the silence by whispering in your ear as we walked out into the fresh, cool night air:

“So, just how kinky do you think you could be with me tonight?”, I said with a crispness in my whisper which broke you from your trance of watching my ass in the tight little dress I was wearing.

You paused a moment and then responded:

"Well, I guess it depends on what you'd call kinky. I would prefer to just consider myself open minded, but I will tell you straight out that sex is everything with me and if you cannot keep up, I will be very disappointed."

I should have known right then, right there, that you were a hidden tigress underneath your initial shy, almost demure high society exterior and that you would make a perfect mistress to satisfy my lust filled desires to be dominated, to be forced to be your sex toy, and more.

The limo driver was there, holding the back door of the stretch limo open as we arrived at the car. I guided you into the limo with all the grace of a movie star, holding your hand and then stepping aside at the last minute so that our faux breasts touched when you shimmied by to get into the back seat, our eyes locking for an instant before you twisted , turned, bent, and backed into the back seat. I noticed that as you swung your legs into the car, you parted them slightly, knowing that the driver’s eyes were laser locked on the space between your legs just at the vortex of your tight designer slacks,. You gave him a little show as you wiggled into the seat. Your lacey gaff was doing its job and the driver could never have thought that a massive python of a clit was well tucked away under there.

Before I got in the car, we were faced to face for a brief second, and just when I knew you would be focused on my face, I licked the remaining cum from my lips in a long, lingering lick of my tongue. 

It was a good thing that I had expertly retucked myself into my tight, lacey gaff or I would have given the driver a show as I followed you into the back seat with a turn, bend, and duck in backwards approach to entering the limo. I fell into your arms as the driver closed the back door, a wide smile on his face as he got a full view of my skimpy gaff under my dress which rode up my hips as I sat down on the seat.

As I leaned back onto you, we both could smell the intoxicating mixed aroma of my perfume and you’re cum which was coating my lips like high gloss lipstick, me not wanting to lick it off just yet, still savoring the tingling feeling on my puffy lips following the deep throat session I gave you in the bathroom.   I turned to face you and with you wondering what I was going to do, I slowly, lovingly licked the cum off my lips and swallowed the luscious nectar.

I wrestled free of your grasp for a moment and I found the champagne in the ice bucket. I poured us two glasses as the driver walked around to his side of the car. As I opened the bottle of bubbly, I realized that my control of the situation was slipping away and that I might need a little more buzz for what was to come.

I took a long draw on my champagne glass as I digested your words. Here was a girl that professed that you loved sex to the point of not taking no for an answer and telling me if I thought I couldn't keep up I'd best move on. How could I turn down a challenge like that? I tossed back the rest of my champagne , sat the glass out of the way and leaned over and kissed you hungrily. Not only did you respond in kind, but the next thing I knew my mouth was full of your tongue. My clit began to instantly strain in my gaff  as you laced your fingers in my long brunette hair and grabbed a handful. With a forceful pull down, you snapped my head back and drew close to my ear to whisper: “You are all mine now, you little, sissy cum slut bitch.” 

I was stunned into silence with you holding my hair back, keeping me frozen in place as you moved closer to straddle me on the seat. With you in my lap, facing me forcing my mouth open by pulling my hair back, you continued kissing as the limo took off, headed to your place and what I knew would be something of a very special late night escapade.

I slid my hand up and down along your ribs, with my tongue buried deeply in your wet, warm mouth. You sat your glass down on the floor  of the limo then grabbed my hand and placed it on your breast. It was firm and round with a hard nipple poking into the palm of my hand. I squeezed and rubbed your breast, pinching the nipple occasionally as you moaned into my mouth with the transfer pad working its magic to transfer the sensation directly to your actual nipple. You redoubled your effort to stick your tongue down my throat. You were on fire! Your hands were all over me, groping and rubbing me roughly, gripping me so tightly that I thought I might actually have some bruises. Then you really surprised me, you rolled us around on the seat so that I was now straddling you, in your lap. You adjusted my legs so that they were spread wide apart on the outside of your legs and then with my mini dress riding up to my lower back, exposing my entire ass, you began caressing each of my tight, firm, muscular ass cheeks.

With no further warning, you shoved your hand down the back of my gaff and started rubbing my ass. You squeezed my ass cheeks for a few minutes then slid your hand between my cheeks and grabbed the anal plug to wiggle it around and stretch me out further. The good news is that I had already adjusted to the expandable plug and was eager to test my anal limits with you.  The good news is that I had given myself a deep, thorough cleaning down there earlier in the day and squirted a generous amount of coconut oil into me to keep me well lubricated all evening. You felt a little of the oil escape my back door love tunnel and whispered “Good girl” into my ear to show your appreciation for my preparation.

I grunted into your mouth  when you were pulling and pushing the massive plug in my ass and began to struggle a little, but you didn't slow down a bit and if anything became even more excited. As you eagerly fucked my ass with the toy, you continued rubbing your body against me and thrusting your tongue into my mouth, coaxing me to give you a little lap dance on your thighs.

You were very turned on and so super horny you were almost out of control. With the anal plug expanded to its near maximum dirth, and your frantic manipulation of it, I thought, 'Damn, I think I'm being raped by this girl!'. I didn't struggle too much, and decided to give the driver a little show in his rear view mirror by slowly grinding my hips and ass on your legs. .


I adjusted a little so that you could have better access to grabbing the plug. Here I was thinking that I would be in control, but you totally turned the tables on me an began acting like my mistress. It really turned me on and I began to melt under your control. You were falling into exactly the role I had hoped you would, and I coaxed you on here and there by whimpering a bit, trying to act a little shy, but ultimately allowing you to do whatever you wanted.

The entire way back to my plush condo, you took more and more advantage of my willingness to submit to you, and I am sure that the driver had a raging hard on by the time we arrived at my condo. It seemed like he had only one eye on the road , and the other watching as you force me into various make out positions, always with your tongue deep in my throat , and your hands exploring every inch of me with my dress hiked up around my waist for most of the ride, my tan, tight ass on full display to the driver as I lap danced you into a higher state of arousal.

Just before we left the limo, you let go of the anal plug and broke the kiss. You said in a husky, lust filled voice,

"I cannot wait to get you naked. Now get out of this limo so I can take you to my condo.

We almost ran into your building and finally when we arrived at your front door, you uncharacteristically fumbled with your keys. Once open, you shoved me in an dressed me against the back of the door when it closed, kissing me again and sliding your knee up between my legs to part them. My legs parted easily and when your knee pushed up against my ass, you could feel the anal plug lodged firmly in place. You found the remote control and triggered the final expansion of the plug in my ass and at this additional increase of another half inch of diameter, I found myself reaching out for your shoulders for support. You grinded your knee into my ass and the plug as I got used to the new, larger size of the plug, and then slid your tongue into my open, panting mouth.

You whispered: â€œGet into the bedroom?” and I broke eye contact to search the room and found a door at the other end of the living room.

You grabbed my hand and with me almost stumbling in my 5 inch stilettos, you dragged me into the bedroom. You flung me in a twisting manner onto the bed and said:

?Take your clothes off!" I hesitated for a second, unsure of what I was getting into, but as I watched your pull your silky blouse over your head revealing your round bra clad boobs it got me started on my own dress. You asked,

"Bra or no bra? Do you have a preference?" I kind of like it when my CD lovers keep their bra on. I think it's sexy. I said,

"On" You smiled and said,

"Good choice!" You stepped out of your designer slacks and started to shimmy over to me as I was shimmying out of my bra. I was down to my gaff, my tight waisted garter belt and thigh high fish net stockings.

“Everything, except the stockings and heels”, you demanded as I was now standing there in just my unclasped bra, matching panties, garter belt and thigh high fish net stockings, atop my stilettos.

You kept your side tie gaff panties on but I was now almost completely naked, with my long brunette hair falling down around my shoulders, my firm, DD faux breasts perky and perfectly adhered to my chest which was heaving now,

my clit, now untucked,  began to harden between my muscular legs which were slightly parted revealing a perfect match of my thigh high stocking and cinched garter belt around my thin waist.

You pushed me back so I fell on the bed and then pounced on top of me.

I thought, 'This is incredible! I've never been with a girl this hot before! You were as horny as I was. Maybe even hornier!' Your tongue was back in my mouth and your long body was pressed against mine. You were grinding your firm tits against my chest as you thrust around in my mouth with your tongue. After a couple of minutes, you broke the kiss and breathlessly said,

"Untie me and wrap your legs around me." I was so entranced with how excited you were that I didn't even hesitate. I found your side ties and pulled at the loose ends to unleash your monster of a clit which swung down when released and fell between my ass cheeks.

I then  spread my legs then hooked them around your hips, locking my heels behind you  and squeezed you tightly. Your mouth was back over mine and your tongue was working in and out between my pursed lips as you dry humped my ass. My head was spinning from the champagne and I could feel your hardening clit begin to pulse against my sensitive skin around my asshole, stuffed full of your anal plug.

I then experienced the odd sensation of the expandable anal plug retracting and becoming much smaller. I knew that you were going to remove it from me and my anticipation caused me to become flush with excitement.

A few seconds later you stopped humping to reached down to your panties and tug at them to get them out of the way. The whole time you continued to kiss me and rub against me. A second later my asshole was being forced open as you began to insert your massive clit past my opening.

I was wet, coconut oil oozing out of me as my ass was gaping from having been stretched wide open by the anal plug for the past 30 minutes or so. You finally broke the seal of my asshole with your clit head and I shuddered when you first made contact. Things got really slippery and soon your clit head was coated in coconut oil.

You began to play with my opening. . Sticking just your very large clit head in, then pulling it out, putting it back in and then pulling it out, never trying to stretch me until I was ready. You continued this teasing for a few more minutes until I was about to scream with excitement.   You had completely turned me into a submissive sissy slut who just wanted to be fucked, deep, hard, and thoroughly.

“Fuck me mistress. Fuck me now. I want your clit. I need your clit deep inside of me. Please..” I begged and was shocked to hear such words coming out of my red lipped mouth.

Finally, my ass was stretched open far enough and I could feel the shaft of your massive clit begin to slide into me. It hurt just a little as I had never had a clit as large as yours inside of me, but the anal plug treatment really did the trick and I was soon purring for more. . I guess that you were about 11 inches long and about 3 inches in diameter at the base. A monster of a clit and you were about to assault me with it.

my groans were muffled by your mouth and your own moans of pleasure.

You stopped pushing your hard clit into me and pulled your mouth from mine. We were both breathing hard, you’re from excitement and me from pain. Your face was close to mine as you said with a smile,

"My, My, but aren't you a tight one! It's going to be a lot of fun getting you stretched out so that I can easily slip into you whenever I want." I was just getting ready to reply when you started pushing again. I groaned loudly as you, my new CD girlfriend, my Mistress,  forced more of your clit into me. You stopped again and said,

"I just love entering a new CD girlfriend for the first time, it gets me so turned on I just want to...well..."  You plunged your hard clit, forcing the rest of your clit into me. I cried out again loudly as you groaned in ecstasy.

"Oh. My. God! It feels so good to finally be up to my jewels in a nice tight ass! I haven't had a CD girlfriend for almost five months and the lack of sex has been driving me crazy!" You pulled back and plunged yourself deep into me causing me to cry out again.

"Yea baby! I want to hear you moaning and groaning with my big girl clit buried in you! I think it's sexy as hell when my CD girlfriend is vocal while we're having sex! It turns me on and makes me want to screw her that much harder to make her moan even louder!" With that you pulled back and thrust hard into me, causing me to cry out with a deep, guttural moan so loud that I thought the neighbors might complain. . I groaned loudly and finally blurted out,

"Ashley, you're so big, I love it. I want you to dominate me. I want you to hurt me! Ravish me, rape me, treat me like you’re cum slut whore, your fuck toy Please don’t stop!"

Who was this saying these things, I thought to myself. I had fantasized for so long about being a good submissive fuck toy for just the right CD mistress and now my dream fantasy was coming true.

A strained look came over your face and you started grinding your clit hard against me as you squeezed me tightly against your body. You covered my mouth with yours and thrust your tongue as deep into my mouth as it would go, while pushing your massive clit as deep as it could go into my ass. With a huge groan you exploded in my ass. Not once, but five hard shots of cum each with its own thrust and groan. You pulled your mouth off of mine and panted hard in my ear as you tried to catch your breath.

I was lying beneath you thinking, 'I just got the hell fucked out of me by my new CD girlfriend and your clit is still inside me. If I'm truthful with myself you pretty much just raped me too.' But along with feeling your still hard clit in my ass I could also feel your round firm bra clad boobs pressed against my chest and your shapely butt under my heels and all I could think of was that I hoped you were pleased with me. It was not about me. It seemed that all my pleasure came from pleasing you.  Right then, right there, I knew I was destined to be a total submissive to you, to do whatever you wanted, and there would be no boundaries.

I had a quick flash back to the night club with you fist fucking and clit sucking me into three mind blowing orgasms, and now your role as my mistress was complete. I was now your bitch; You had turned me into a quivering sissy CD who seemed  to be willing to submit to her every desire. For some reason, I just wanted more, wanted to please you again, and again. Wanted to taste your cum on that massive clit of yours.

You rose up so you could look in my face. You wore a lover's smile as you said,

"That was great! I haven't cum that hard in months! It's so good to have a CD girlfriend again!" You kissed me on the lips gently then continued, "I'm sorry if I was a little rough on you, it's just that I was so horny I could hardly wait. I wanted to jump on you the moment I opened the door to let us in!”

You started making short little thrusts with your still hard clit as you said, "This is much better than any old strap-on.  You have in your sex drawer, Besides I'm probably bigger than the anal dildos you usually use anyway, and bigger is better!"

Your face grew serious as you kissed me again and said, "You're mine now. You will be my submissive sissy cum slut, my fuck toy whenever, where ever I want you. Do you understand?”

I hesitated for a second as your words sank in and you let me know that you expected immediate obedience by stopping your thrusting in my ass so you could slap my face. Your hand stung on my cheek, but the pain quickly melted into a warm velvet sensation as I responded:

“yes, mistress. Anything you desire mistress.. Use me. Fuck me. Please yourself with me.


You sat up off of me and slipped your hands behind my knees. You pulled them up against my chest, and it was quite a sight with my fish nets on my widely spread legs, my garter belt cinched tightly around my tiny waist, my stilettos up in the air, and you bearing down on me again.

“Now that is my good girl.” You purred as you started to slowly thrust into my ass. I watched your breasts move and sway with your thrusts. I was trying to come to grips with the fact that I was totally submitting to you, becoming your bitch, wanting you to just use me. To fuck me.  I watched my hot new CD girlfriend's boobs bounce and sway as you fucked me with your clit . You reached down and took my hands and placed them on your breasts as you said, “I want you to play with my breasts while I'm making love to you. It's very important that you do everything you can to pleasure me while we're making love. The more pleasure I feel, the more intense I'll be for you." I squeezed your boobs, playing with them and caressing them. I pinched your nipples and you moaned as you tilted your head back. The more attention I showed your breasts the more your thrusting increased and the more I began to get turned on by your being turned on. I thought  So this is what it is like to be submissive. Wanting to please her mistress, needing to please her mistress.” 

You put your hands on my chest and pinched my nipples hard. It was like an electrical shock went through my body. It hurt but felt good, kind of like having your massive clit in my ass hurt but felt good. You rubbed my chest then tilted your head back and moaned. My clit was still rock hard so I took your hand and placed it on my clit which had not received any attention yet since we arrived home. You stroked it a few times then went back to rubbing my chest and pinching my faux nipples hard which sent a razor sharp pain into my actual nipples with the transfer pad mechanism.

I liked the attention to my nipples, but wanted you to play with my clit as you fucked me, so I put your hand back on it. Again, you gave it a couple of strokes then started rubbing my legs as I kept playing with your tits. I wanted to cum pretty badly so I took one of my hands off your breast and started playing with my clit myself.

You pulled your head up and looked at me. You grabbed my hand and put it back on your tit, then said,

"My body is what you need to concentrate on. I don't want you jacking off, I want you have to have your orgasms because I'm making love to you. Otherwise, we're not really connected to each other's emotions. Just wait and let it build up until you cum from having my clit inside you, then all the other sensations that come with making love to your CD girlfriend will push you over the edge. I promise it will be a great orgasm, the best you've ever had!" You went back to making love to me and leaned up over me so your boobs were in my face. "Kiss them. Lick them. Suck on my nipples. Focus your attention on my body and your pleasure will come with mine. Keep thinking about me being your CD girlfriend with my massive clit deep in your ass making you feel so wanted. That I'm lusting for you and that I can't get enough of you! You'll get to the point where you'll love having my clit in your ass. I think you already know that I'm going to do this to you whenever I want, wherever I want, and as long as I want. You've never had a CD girlfriend like me before, because I'm going to be so totally into you."

You were pumping my ass hard as I sucked on your nipples and the steady flow of instruction from your mouth mesmerized me. I was turned on by what was happening. I did want to pleasure you and make you feel good. More than that, I wanted to drive you wild! I wanted to feel your big clit pumping my tight ass and I loved the things you were saying to me. You really wanted me, wanted to be inside me, wanted to have your way with me, what more could a submissive CD girlfriend ask for?

"When I get horny at parties I'll take you by the hand, pull you into the bathroom and bend you over the sink. Then I'll pull up my short skirt and make you watch in the mirror as your hot looking CD girlfriend feeds her big clit into your tight, firm, muscular ass. I'll make love to you so hard and fast they'll hear you moaning over the music, begging me to fuck you harder."

You were thrusting hard and fast now, banging the hell out of me, and I could tell that your words were turning you on as much as they were me. With my face buried in one of your tits you exploded into my ass for a second time and true to your word as you came I came too.

Moaning into your tit I had the hugest orgasm ever squirt from my dick all over our bellies. I was thrashing and convulsing as the orgasm ripped through me. I could feel my sphincter spasm around your cock with each spurt of cum that left me. I collapsed back onto the pillows gasping for breath as you smiled down at me and said,

"See. I told you so. Your orgasms will be much more intense if you wait." You allowed me to catch my breath for a minute then pulled out of me and rolled me over onto my stomach. You grabbed my hips and pulled me up on my hands and knees as you said, "Come on! I want to do it doggie style now. There's just something about doing it doggie style that says, 'I'm in charge!'

Your words sliced to my core and I realized that I was truly a submissive sissy slut, one who really wanted to be taken, to be forced, to be fucked over and over again until her mistress was pleased .

I assumed the position that would be my new home for a while, arching my back to give you a better view of my tight, round ass. You fingered my garter belt tightly cinched around my waist and traced the suspender straps down to my thigh high stockings. You smiled a little as you pulled back one of the suspender straps and snapped it back on my tight flesh while saying:

“Beg me. Beg me to fuck you like the little bitch you know you want to be.” 

Without even thinking, I blurted out: “yes. Yes. Please fuck me mistress. Use me. Make me your bitch. I will do anything for you, but please stick your massive clit back inside me. I want it. I need it. I love the feel of it stretching me as you slide it into me.”

Your hand never left my hips as your hard clit easily found its way back into my nearly gaping ass, oozing with your cum. Your thrusts started out slow and steady. I could intimately feel the shaft of your clit as it slid in and out of my now more accommodating CD love hole. I couldn't help moaning with pleasure at feeling your back inside me. You spread my ass cheeks wide and ploughed forward burying your thick, long clit to the very base in me. I grunted in new pain as you filled me completely. Now you were deeper inside me than you had been all evening.  I reached back between my legs and fondled your jewels as they nested tightly against mine. I gave a little tug on them to encourage you to try and slide in even deeper, but you were to the hilt and there was no part of your long 11 inches outside of my ass.

You leaned up along my back. I could feel your tight stomach muscles and your breasts against my back. You let out a little moan of pleasure and said in my ear,

"I bet you've never had a CD girlfriend that could do this before." Keeping your hips tight against my ass cheeks you worked them in a little circle and I could feel your hard clit moving my insides around. "I'm sure your other lovers couldn't do any of this and your ass is way too nice and tight for you to have been with another girl like me, so I'd say that makes me your best damn girlfriend ever. What do you say?" I shook my head yes. "No, I want to hear you say it. Tell me I'm your best damn girlfriend ever." Your clit was so deep inside me it was almost hard for me to talk, but I gasped out,

"Yes, yes, you are by far the best, most passionate, lover I have ever had, and your clit. I adore your clit. I want to pray to god that you give me your clit all the time, whenever you want. I want to be your bitch, your fuck toy your play thing, I just need your massive, thick clit inside of me. Fuck me harder now. Grab my tiny waist and pull me onto your clit.

What was I saying? Had I lost my mind? Did I really want to be Heather’s bitch, to cater to her every need. To drop to my knees every time she came over hoping that she would allow me to suck her off, to taste her cum.  This all was too much, and I just gave into the sensation of her long, slick shaft penetrating my ass.

You gave me a hard little bite on the ear that made me yelp.

"I want you to say it all AGAIN." My ear was smarting from the bite and your fence post of a clit was stretching my insides. 'Ok.' I said to myself, Heather is going to be a little high maintenance in the ego department.' I gathered up as much breath as I could muster and went for it.

"Oh Mistress Heather! I've never been with any girl that could compare to you! Your clit is so big and hard, long and thick, I just can't get enough of it!" I pushed back against you and said, "You're the best damn girlfriend I've ever had!" You moaned loudly as I said it and started humping my ass feverishly.

"More!" You commanded. You were still laying along my back as you humped me.

"Mistress Heather please fuck me harder. I want to submit to you completely, to be your bitch, your fuck toy, you’re cum slut. I want my ass to give in to you, to gape wide open for you as you plough me with your baseball bat of a clit. I want to feel your cum shoot up inside of me, to coat my insides, to drip out of me when you are finished, to taste it, to grab finger full of your cum and lick it I want to know what it's like to have my girlfriend pounding me with her big clit ! I'm a dirty little sissy slut that's all yours to fuck and use as much as you want. I'll do whatever you say Mistress heather , I just want you to keep thrusting your hard clit into me, making love to me. Mistress Heather, you are so awesome! You're the best damn girlfriend in the world!"

With that last bit of encouragement, you let out a groan and came in me for the third time.

You collapsed, putting your full weight on my back which caused me to fall forward onto the pillow covered bed, your clit still lodged in my ass.

You laid on me panting and I thought to myself, 'It must be over now. She has cum in me three times so she probably will go limp now.' We lay there with our bodies pressed nested together and I waited for your clit to start going limp. It didn't happen.

After about ten minutes you started to move your hips and your still hard clit began to work my asshole again. I was just getting ready to ask you if your clit could go limp at all when you said,

"I'm so glad to hear that you can't get enough of me. I'm not sure why, but I seem to be able to have as many orgasms as I want. As long as my clit is stimulated it stays mostly hard. I asked a doctor about it once and she said to just be thankful and enjoy it. So, I do. Not only do I have a perpetually hard clit, but when it's limp it only takes a few seconds for it to be completely hard. I can be rock hard within five seconds after I pull up my skirt and yank my panties out of the way or unbutton my jeans and push them down. That's pretty cool, don't you think?" You had slipped into a steady rhythm of pumping my ass as you talked to me about your amazing clit . The realization was now clear about what I had gotten myself into. I wasn't just a new CD girlfriend; I was the new fuck toy for real. You had every intention of having your clit inside me as much as possible. I said,

"Yea babe, that's incredible. I had no idea your clit was so talented." You kissed me on the cheek and said excitedly,

"I just knew you were the one! I'm going to make you so happy!" You ploughed your clit deep into me and continued, "I can do this for hours! You'll walk around your office with a perpetual sex grin on your face the rest of the year!" I thought, 'I'll be walking because I won't be able to sit down!'

You kissed me on the cheek then rolled us both on to our sides. You grabbed my leg and pulled it up so you could get better penetration, then continued fucking me in the spoons position.

Throughout the night, you worked me into so many positions to fuck me I lost count, and I lost count of how many times you came in my ass. At one point, you told me that you wanted me to enjoy a cum cocktail and after Cumming in my ass, you brought over a martini glass. You told me to get on my hands and knees, spread my legs, arch my back, and push all the cum in my ass into the martini glass. It seemed like a full 60 seconds of cum stream flowed from my ass into the glass, and after you slapped my ass a few time to make sure that I had pushed out all the cum, you then poured a little vodka into the now full martini glass and handed it to me. 

I took the glass and in a sexual stupor just toasted to you and drank your cum and the vodka in three full gulps. I licked my lips and said “Yummmm”.

“Good girl” you said, and now let’s get some more cum in your ass to do that again. 

You fucked me against the wall, both with me facing the wall and with my back against it. You lay down on your bed so I could get up on top and ride you , again both forwards and backwards. You sat on the edge of your bed and had me sit on your cock then sat on a chair and had me straddle you . After another hour of fucking me and another four large loads of cum in my ass , you asked if I wanted another cum cocktail.  It was more of a rhetorical question as you reached for the martini glass and we repeated the procedure of me getting onto my hands and knees, pushing all of your cum out of my ass and into the martini glass, and then lifting the glass to my lips to savor the long pull of cum and vodka when I opened my lips and drank in the nectar. .  I loved it and after another hour of you fucking my ass with another 4 loads of cum, , I begged for one more cum cocktail, but this time, I worked it. Instead of pushing out you’re cum from my ass, I told you to force me to push it out. You took this as a request to spank me and spank me you did. My ass was cherry red by the time you forced me to push all of your cum into the martini glass for one last time. I was so sexually incoherent by that time; I just sipped the nectar while I had you stand in front of me with your clit sticking straight into my face. I would sip some of your vodka laced cum and then take you in my mouth, repeating the process until I had drunk the very large martini. You loved the attention I was paying to your clit and allowed me to linger with my tongue on your clit for as long as I wanted.

Finally, about dawn we fell asleep nestled on my bed. And I do mean together, You were spooned up behind me with your still hard clit buried in my ass.

I knew then that my love of the submissive lifestyle had begun.

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