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DianePantyhose Ofline
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Selling off my clothes

Posted: 1 month ago - Mar 27, 2023

Hey everyone....this may come as a shock to those who I have become friends with, but I am selling off my entire wardrobe and getting out of CDing. I have had some long talks with people and it isn't about feeling guilt or anything like that. I am just not into it like I was, and would rather put my time and energy and finances into other things I want to achieve. I have over 2 closets jammed full with every possible thing a CD needs....and when I say everything...I mean everything....including clothes hangers, skirt hangers etc etc. I have over $6K worth of clothes...and that is probably a conservative estimate. This includes skirts, dresses, tops, pantyhose, bras, jewelry, shoes, belts, purses, wigs, make up case , make up mirror, wig display heads, combs, brushses, make up accessories, , winter coats, shapeware etc etc...everything. I would guess about 500lbs worth of clothes. If you are 5'10 - 6'1"...between 185-205 lbs...then these clothes will fit. Everything must go....$1500 for everything.....will not take less because when you see how much you are is a steal. If you live close to the upstate ny area and 100% serious...I would be willing to meet you to sell everything. Please dont ask if I will model them etc.....I might have to make two trips but I can not have anyone at my house.....absolute serious inquires only !!!

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